Thursday, May 6, 2010

KIM Jong IL on Blue Dog Democrats

Meanwhile...somewhere north of the 38th Parallel we find Great Reader, KIM Jong IL in the DPRK's very own SillyCone Valley on an inspection tour of his newest internet inspired brainstorm, called "Gluegull".

KIM: Well, what do's you tink, General Wang?

WANG- Sir, the Americans have something that sounds just like this, it's called

KIM- I'm knows that...but "Gluegull" is Norf Korean and was here looong time
befloor American-copycatting-company, Google!

WANG- As you say, Great One...but what does Gluegull do?

KIM- It's an Americran Engrish code breaker!!! It's a slooper-dooper slurch engine!
It's very John Tesh!!!

WANG- A super-duper search engine, I understand, Sir...but John Tesh?

KIM- Slorry...I'm meant high tech.

WANG- Oh. Got'cha, Sir. me what it can do, please.

KIM- Here, now using this computer, we are on Homie's page of Gluegull! Got that?

WANG- I'm right with ya, Great Reader-Sir!

KIM- So now type in the Americran code "BLUE DOG DEMOCRATS".

WANG- Sir! Now it came up with a reference to... "Kimmipedia"?

KIM- Eggsackly! Now, not to worry, now "crick" on hot link to find answer.

WANG- Clicking on link, Sir!

KIM- Now what that tell you?

WANG- It says... "Blue Dog Democrats such as Congressman Jim Costa
vote the way Madame Imperial Speaker of the House, Nancy, tells them to.
They are known as 'Pelosi's Poodles'!!!"

KIM & WANG- BWAHAHAHAhahahaaa!!!!

WANG- It works like a charm, Sir!

KIM- Toad you! Now for some real laughs, type in "Al Sharpton" and "immigration".



joated said...

LOL! "Pelosi's Poodles" Love it!

innominatus said...

The beta version of Gluegull has a "look into the future" function. If you type in "Jim Costa" it says "As of November, Mr. Costa is unemployed."

Snarky Basterd said...

Pelosi's Poodles

What's worse, she probably shaves them.

Kid said...

Blue Dogs, Chartreuse dogs. Git em ALL Out !
November 2010 !
Take your life back !

Laughing Wolf said...

ROFTL! On target, and fired for effect.

pamibe said...

'Very John Tesh'


USA_Admiral said...

Hilarious oh Great one. We need to get rid of pelosi and her pound.