Wednesday, May 12, 2010

KIM Jong IL Awards Courageous Restraint Medal

Great Reader KIM Jong IL announces recipients of Norf Korea's *Courageous Restraint Award!

They are the U.N. (with clusters!) and...for now, anyway... Israel.

Many of you, my Dear Readers, are on the standby list of award winners for not choking out your local Congressman or woman. Senators too! Congratulations. JG ;)

*Read "Hold Fire, Earn a Medal" at Military Times.

(Hat tip to CRUSH at BlackFive)


innominatus said...

This is so bogus. If I received one of these, I'd throw it in the bushes like John "I served in Vietnam" Kerry did with his.

JihadGene said...

inn- Eggsackly!!!

Kid said...

My buddy emailed me about it this afternoon. I emailed back that any Marine would rather wear pink panties outside his dress pants than pin this garbage to his chest.

I really believe they don't have a flucken clue. You couldn't screw up this bad if it was intentional.

Teresa said...

Clueless - utterly utterly clueless. Wonder how many soldiers will refuse the medal...

USA_Admiral said...

Just when I think it can get no worse, it does.

Anonymous said...

That picture made me laugh out loud.

Loud enough to scare my cat.

My cat died in March.


JihadGene said...

Kid- You're right...not a clue.

Teresa- I'd be willing to be that if awarded the medal they'd never wear it.

USA Ad- The Administration that keeps on giving it!

Delta Bravo- When I saw it I cracked up too! Norf Korean kids, accordions, and a storm trooper all in one shot!