Thursday, March 25, 2010

Obamacare Saves U.S. from North Korean Nuclear Missile Strike!!!

Meanwhile somewhere faraway from the hustle and bustle of Afalc-can Americans we find Norf Korea's Great Reader, KIM Jong IL back in his Pyongyang digs contemplating his next move after having received the latest intel on Obamacare...

KIM- General Wang, if this Oblamma Care kicks in...when will it take effect?

WANG- I believe in the year 2014, Sir.

KIM- Glood. Then there's still time.

WANG- Time, Sir? For what?

KIM- Time to do further testing of our Norf Korean ICBM's to see if they can reach Tijuana, of course!

WANG- But Tijuana is in Mexico, Great One. Why would we attack Mexico?

KIM- Because all the Americlans will be in Tijuana come 2014!

WANG- Why would they be in Tijuana, Sir?

KIM- For better health care, of course!

WANG- I see.

KIM- Americlaws ducks have come home to roost!!! Now go get me a shot and a beer!! Make it a Corona and don't floorget the lime!

WANG- Right away, Great Reader! What kind of shot, Sir?

KIM- Thorazine.

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innominatus said...

Tijuana: From top quality tuck-n-roll hot rod upholstery to top quality tonsilectomies, we've got it all!