Friday, December 11, 2009

It's Friday! Let's Dance!!!

This Friday I want to dedicate a song to a couple. A couple in love...and separated by war. Someday soon, her man will be home. He will be safe and happy in her arms, once again. I dedicate this song to the Fong family (The Kitchen Dispatch). While we dance slowly, whether together or alone, let's dance and hold on tightly (physically or spiritually) to those so very dear to us. Gotta song? Leave a link in comments and thanks for stopping by. Please pray for our troops and their families. Great Reader ruv's you looong time. Very long time. Have a wonderful weekend...from JG & Wife 4 Life, the lovely Kim.


Kanani said...

Ah....Geee....that's so nice! Well, what can I say? Instead of a midlife crisis and a red convertible, The Hubs went off and joined the Army! This one is infinitely more interesting!

Barco Sin Vela II said...

I got one for you;

I tried to put an HTML and it didn't work.

Try this:

It's called "Survive" by Jimmy Buffett. It got me and the Spousal Unit through five years of Sea Duty.

Good Luck and a hearty come home safe from the Barco Sin Vela!

Kid said...

Good tune Gene.

Dance that Kim this weekend.

pamibe said...

What a great song! It's Sunday... let's keep on dancing!