Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

Been out of the service (US Army) for over twenty years now but I still feel such a connection...or maybe it's a bond, I guess. Never was too much of a soldier. Didn't fight some enemy, other than drunk Soldiers and Marines while on M.P. duty. Still, I was a soldier. It's not a case of the older I get...the better I was. It's the experience of having served with fine men and women, some sorry ones too, but make no mistake...we are joined at the hip. When they hurt, we hurt. It's a little before sunrise and I will fly flags today at the entrance to our home as well as on the house itself. I'm proud of my country. Proud of our troops. If I get a tad pushy with the with it...and give me a wide berth. Take the time to thank a Vet and their family. My favorite Vet is at the cemetery. I miss you, Dad.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Vet.


joated said...

Thank you, Gene, for your turn in the service.

(Of course, you got a bit more out of it in the form of a lifelong companion than most. Even if she seems to have created all sorts of trouble for you while you were getting to know her. ;-) Say "Hi" to the lovely Kim for me. )

pamibe said...

Thank you, Gene. {{HUG}}

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Lovely picture!!!

Give a hug to your family, and happy Veteran's day to ewe.

buffalodick said...

I salute you. My dad spent WWII away from home and family, in the European Theater, mostly Belgium and France in a railroad battalion.. My brother joined the Air Force out of high school, and never saw action- but one of four years tour was spent in Thule, Greenland at a SAC base.. Did he fire a shot? No.. Did he serve his country? Hell, yes! I call this day, " Buy A living Vet A Drink Day".. and salute the ones that can't have that drink, because they died for this country and it's freedoms.

Kid said...

Hey Gene - for all the dad's, son's and daughters.

And thank you.

Marjie said...

Thank you for your service. I remember vets, too; don't sent da wockets!

Kanani said...

Thank you very much for your service.
Love the photo of your Ma and Pa.

JihadGene said...

Deltabravo- Ruv ya!

joated- Tanks looong time!

Pam- Ruv yoo too!

BSV II- Will do for EWE!

Buff- I remember reading a post about your Dad and the RR Bn, it was great! Like you say, it's good to thank the ones you can today.

Kid- Wonderful song! I never heard that one if you can believe that. I thought "Welcome to My World" was the only song he ever did. My Dad would listen to that song over and over.

USA_Admiral- Thanks...I can't wait to see your Friday post!!!

Marjie- No wockets for you!!! Thanks for stopping by!

Kanani- Yep, that's me Mom and Dad! Both are gone now but very much alive in me (for better or worse). hee-hee. Give a big JihadGene hug via the good vibes hiway to your Hubs in A-stan! We ruv you guys all looong time!!!

Teresa said...

Well, I'm more than a little late, not being at my very best browsing the last few weeks... but I hope you'll accept a very belated Thank You!

As Royko said in the post Matt puts up every year - it doesn't matter if you fought or if you didn't. The fact that you joined up and put yourself out there for whatever came your way - that's what counts.