Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Reporting From South Korea

When you are in South Korea and your Uncle works for KBS... feel free to do the weather! Here's my son Ben on the blue screen.... Al Roker beware!!!

When you are in South Korea be very cautious of swords!

Swords from the Korean National Museum.

Nothing like a family B-B-Que at Uncle U-Tae's in the country! He built this place in 2006.
Please pray for U-Tae's wife as she continues battling cancer and tires easily, but still loves to laugh. A beautiful family I've married into!

Speaking of beautiful...
Ben and his cousin Jina. My wife Kim in 1975, was prettier than even our niece Jina. I married above my pay-grade. Very happily so!!!


USA_Admiral said...

Wonderful pictures.

U-Tae's wife is on my prayer list.

I know about marrying above your means because I did too.

none said...

Great looking family bud!

pamibe said...

Great pictures and a lovely family! However did you stand being away from them for two weeks?

Prayers going out for U-Tae's wife.

JihadGene said...


Thanks! My favorite picture is the Korean Bar-B-Q/picnic at U-Tae's. Korean style bar-b-que'd beef short ribs (called Kalbi or Galbi) is the greatest and don't forget the cucumber kimchi!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the photos.
Your sister-in-law has been in my prayers for quite a while now. Thanks for the update. I'll keep praying.
I'm so glad your family's back in your arms.
Love to all,
Elder Sister

Kid said...


That is some very quality workmanship on the deck there. The house must be something else.

Anonymous said...

I bet U-Tae built the whole town in 2006. Lovely deck! What Kid said.

Ben has happy eyes. Being loved will do that for ya.

I'm so happy you'll be celebrating the 4th with your family.


Teresa said...

Wonderful pictures. It looks like they had a terrific visit. YAY!

And U-Tae's wife certainly has many prayers being sent to out to help her through this rough time, mine too.

H2o said...

I love the dinner picture. I see they ike their soda.

Now get busy on another Love American Style..