Thursday, July 23, 2009

KIM Jong IL Watches Fight Night

Meanwhile somewhere north of the DMZ we find Norf Korea's Great Reader, KIM Jong IL watching a fight on the Boob Tube...

TV- No. No. NOOO!!! You stoopid mudder pucker!!! Who you callin' a mudder-pucker you slut?!! Who you callin' a TWAMP?! Yo Mama puts no garlic in her kimchi!!! Take that back, you blitch!!! Blitch this...


KIM- Bwahahaha!!! General Wang, come over here quick! Check this out!

WANG- What great Reader?! You watching TiVo of UFC 100?

KIM- No...even moe better den that!

WANG- Previews of WWE Night of Champions?

KIM- Yoo getting warmer.

WANG- It's the South Korean Parliament at it again!

KIM- Blingo, I'm Stein!

WANG- What are they so pissed about, Your Greatness?

KIM- Well, it's either politics as usual or Obama Care has just been introduced to the South Korean peoples.


(hat tip to Mongo for this post!)


USA_Admiral said...

Man. They know how to do some knock down drag out politics over there.

I wish our House would do that too.

Kid said...

I'm with ya USA !. I'd love to see some brave soul carry Pelosi over to the railing and pretend she was Peter Pan !

Anonymous said...

The Kid stole my idea before I could come here and type it!

(Or at least pick up a big ol' table and throw it at her smirking face!)

That was awesome! And JihadGenius made it even funnier. Obamacare. Baaaahahahahahaha!


Anonymous said...

I rather like Fight Club Politics. If we adopted it, it would get rid of the old goats rather quickly.

Teresa said...

I see Obama politics is spreading - they look exactly like a meeting of the Chicago Aldermen... ROFLMAO.

Boss Mongo said...

I'd like to see their "committee proceedings" for gov't run health care.