Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Message to Wall Street

What? Need I say more? Okay. I will.
Jump and take the Congress and Senate with you! JG
Thanks to Liquid Illuzion for the photo I ripped it from.
Liquid is AWESOME!


Cappy said...

Cappy say:
What's good for General Motors is a severe beating and being left for dead around Woodward and 6 Mile"

pamibe said...

ROFL...!! Not just at the sign, which is sooooo good, but cappy's comment rocks! ;)

Liquid said...

*She smiles*

Anonymous said...

Came here for a laugh. Was not disappointed.


Anonymous said...

Fcn A


JihadGene said...

F cn A, Bob!

Cappy, you da man!JG

H2o said...

How fucking funny!!!