Sunday, December 21, 2008

Did You Miss This?

It's no secret that JihadGene and Son love LOOONG time WWE wrestling. It's something that drive's the wife ape-shit, but we LOVE it! WWE's Tribute to the Troops was on last night. Remember our troops and their families this Christmas season. Thank them any way you can. You'll be blessed. Here's a clip from last night's presentation...


Tammi said...

I just hate that I missed that. Thank you SO much for posting it.

I'm a sucker for anyone that supports our troops!!!

Anonymous said...

That fuckin' RAWKED!! You know them guys were drooling over the women and the female soldiers were moaning over the men. hehe

Anonymous said...

Great Stuff

Erica said...

That was awesome!!

G-Man said...

It's no secret that G-Man LOVES all wrestling!!!!
I've been going to see it live since the 50's!!!
Have you ever heard of Gorgeous George?
Haystack Calhoun?
Bobo Brazil?
Leaping Larry Chene?
Too Young I'm sure...hehehehe