Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanksgiving is Daily

JihadGene here. See the title? It's true. It's true even on days when you are not feeling so hot-to-trot. I'm even thankful for this nutty-assed blog, so I can get some things off my chest, or rant, or rave, or do my keyboard imitation of Great Reader KIM Jong IL. It helps. Yes, I pray. Some of you don't. If you can wish a person well..... burn sage....or if you're a Wickin, Don't be a Chicken...and think good thoughts for these folks and their families. They need our support, our thanks, and our love. JG

PFC Hunter Levine
Cpt Rob Yllescas
LTC Ty Edwards


Evil Transport Lady said...

I will:) Thanks for the eye opener:)

Anonymous said...

Amen. They will be in my prayers.

And can I say this....holy crap, look how big and beautiful those beh are!! I see them in my grocery store, "Asian Pears" and they're the size of my fist. I'm always like WTF?? THIS AIN'T A BEH!!

Anonymous said...


And LL - my favorite fruit in the world. . . juicy yummy goodness . . .

JihadGene said...

Keep up with those prayers and bring on those Korean grown Asian pears! Oh...and don't forget about the tangerines from Cheju-do Island! Sooo good!