Monday, November 24, 2008

KIM Jong IL's Thanksgiving Message to the Masses

ATTENTION! The guy who this brogg (blog) is all about, is jealous, and has not been heard from lately. It is therefore necessary to hear the following message from the GREAT READER, his own self, and have JihadGene step away from the keyboard for this special holiday message:

Deer Massive Amounts of Readers,
As you know I am one busy "Wild & Crazy Guy" here in the Pyongyang Convalescent Hospital and NORKO Uranium Enrichment Plant #7, but I too must paws in my busy schedule and give honor to the "Great One" for the blessings bestowed upon me, GREAT READER, KIM Jong IL. Though it has been a rough year for me, what with the strokes, then being taken off Georgie DoubleWoo Bushies Axes of Evil List and all... still I'm takes heart in the fact that soon I'ms will be dealing with the US Secretary of State Hillree Clintone! So I'm must give thanks on this most auspicious of American holidays, that you call "Thanksgiving", to all the millions of you, my very own Axes of Evil members and readers of my brog, GREAT READER. I'm can't tanks you enuff!

In the words of the great statesman from Tupilo, Mississippi ( ELVIS ).....
Thank you. Thank you very much!

Great Reader, KIM Jong IL


Anonymous said...


You KNOW that sounds like bijjy. haha Crajy, jipper, jebra.

JihadGene said...

LL- More like BID-GEE and CRAY-GEE...butt I'ms muss confless...I'm rikes yur JIPPER and JEBRA!!

Great Reader KIM Jong IL

PMS Bee sure to put out some CalRose rice and Kimchee for the Thanksgiving dinner as well!

Evil Transport Lady said...

LOL! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

JihadGene said...

ETL- Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours as well!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving. I'm grateful for the laughs I get here. Sometimes on days when there are few laughs elsewhere. :-)