Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Coverage, West Highland White Terriers, Dreams, and the Army

*I dedicate this to Pam who is owned by a wonderful dog named Bree.

Meanwhile back in Pyongyang East (California) JihadGene has fallen asleep on the sofa with his somewhat faithful K-9 companion, Booger Butt, his sort'a trusty West Highland White Terrier...

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzz......JihadGene is dreaming....zzzzz...he's back in the Army ....alone and surrounded by the enemy... his only chance for help is by military radio.... on the other end, is his dog...zzzzZZzzz....

JihadGene to Booger Butt! JihadGene to Booger Butt!! Come in Booger Butt, over!!!

B. Butt to Gene...woof...WhaSup?! Over.

JihadGene to Booger Butt!...I made a big tactical, error. Over!

Booger Butt-
B. Butt to Gene, woof...say wot? Over.

JihadGene to Booger Butt!...I made a big mistake! I'm surrounded by a bunch of LIBTARDS! McCain and my Dallas Cowboys are loser's! I really screwed the pooch on this one!!! Over!

Booger Butt-
B. Butt to Gene...woof...Watch your talk on the FM radio frequencies or we will have the FCC all over our asses! In reference to McCain, I told ya so! Now...woof... Give me a SIT-REP (situation report)... Over.

JihadGene to Booger Butt...A Sit-Rep? Yeah, okay Booger. I'll do my best. At 0340 hours Zulu time (7:40 PM PST) I turned on the TV and it was...it was...FOO KING HORRIBLE! I was watching CNN and JOHN McCAIN was losing I tell ya...HE WAS LOSING!!! How copy, over?

Booger Butt to Gene...woof...Roger that shit! So OBAMA is ahead, huh?

JihadGene to Booger Butt...You know it!! Any advice?! Over!

Booger Butt-
Booger Butt to Gene...woof...Go to bed. Over.

JihadGene to Booger Butt...But it's too early for bed! Over.

Booger Butt-
Boog's to Gene...woof...then take a nap, damn it!!! Now leave me alone. I gotta go wipe my ass on the living room carpet. BOOGER BUTT, OUT!

10-4 and Roger that, Boog's. Takin' your advice. JIHADGENE OUT.



D. Skippy said...

That be one smart dog. I think I'll takes me some of that advice.

Anonymous said...

Booger butt is the bestest dog ever!

Oh and I tagged you with a meme down memory lane!

Anonymous said...

You sumbitch... if you ever call me Booger But again...

Anonymous said...

.. word, man... you did well.. both you AND Booger Butt...

JihadGene said...

B Mama- Yep. Smart enough anyway.

vixen- Best ever? Well I think so but there are times the wife was ready to put Booger Butt in a big Korean stew pot. Another story on Booger Butt as to why, later.

'Neck- You Dawg you!!!

Anon- Thanks el mucho!!!