Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's a Halloween Friday! Let's Dance!

Deer round-eyed dirt-bags who voted twice for Georgie W. Boosh...and folks like my Elder Sister Carol:
In keeping the rigid standards even rigiddittyer, JihadGene has demanded nothing butt the breast for the faithful followers of Great Reader, KIM Jong IL's brogg...the one and ownree GREAT READER! Being as how it's a Halloween and all... KIM Jong IL has called in the lovely Rihanna to assist on this very scary and special dance video. You will see nukes. You will see wockets. You will see North Korean soliders marching, shooting, and doing martial arts! You will see the sexy NORKO traffic cops of Wonson! More special than even that, you will see KIM Jong IL film clips from his latest movie...Friday Night Fever! Do not be alarmed as the Great Reader does all his own stunts and RUV's YOU LOOONG TIME!!! Also later on Friday night you will be amazed by the entire Korean Penninsula's most infamous tale of love and flat out bad luck. This is a love story between a lecherous G.I. (JihadGene) and the lovely Korean flower (Kim). So come on now...stay tuned and crank up the volume! Live from the DMZ near Fresno, California it's a Halloween Friday! Let's dance!!!
*WARNING At 2 minutes and 30 seconds into this video you will see people wearing big fake bunny heads. You may wish to turn your head away from the screen for 4 or 5 seconds should big fake bunny heads scare you. I am KIM Jong IL and I am proof of this message.


pamibe said...

Hilarious! LOL! What a great dancer you are, Great Leader!

Tammi said...

I watched this first thing this morning.

It's very disturbing....can I just say that?


Happy Halloween Friday!

JihadGene said...

Pam- Grooovy, Baby!

Tammi- No sweat Home Gurl!
Those big fake bunny heads scare the hell outta me too! I had all responsible shot for the good of the DPRK!

Great Reader KIM Jong IL

joated said...

Fantastic! Loved....I mean...roved every second of that video.
(Although I did cringe a bit when that one guy started pounding nails with his forehead.)

Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Great Video. I really miss Bruce Lee.