Thursday, September 4, 2008

KIM Jong IL Body Checks John McCain


FROM- Great Reader, KIM Jong IL

TO- US Senator John Wayne McCain

SUBJECT- Disciplinary action for Thursday nights speakers.

OBSERVATIONS- Great Reader, KIM Jong IL has noted the following mistakes (you may call them your choice of guest speakers) made at Thursday night's Repubrickan Love Fest Convention located in PyongYang's Sister City of St Paul, Minnesoda.
#1 Lindsay Graham...Great Reader knows he's your buddy... but WTF, over? To your base he is a piece of KimChee. If you needed a "Ham" to speak you should have had Laura Ingraham speak or invited brogger Mary Katharine Ham. Graham's presence ownree pissed off the conservatives who are trying to helps you! You may as well have invited Senator Trent "Twat" Lott (RHINO-Mississippi) to speak. As if that wasn't bads enuff you had to have Blonde Lady speak....
#2 Your WIFE, Cindy "Mother Teresa" McCain. WTF?! Do Americans have to vote for the Worst (First) Lady too? She running four office? She spoke for days! I'm looks at my Rolex- Timex and watched the hours roll by. I'm thinks when is she gonna shut the hells up? On and on she goes. Good grief, Charlie Cong! Only time she got apprause was when she mentioned her Governor Ladyship Sarahcuda Payfin. It took for ev'a!
OPINIONS, CONCLUSIONS, & CONTUSIONS- John, get a big frickin' clue bat, smack it over your head for a wake-up call or drop your drawers, and let the SarahCudaNator wack your 72 year old buttocks repeatedly with a hockey stick! Quit being a dumb-ass and get your wife out of the plicture. Before Cindy spoke there was a nice video about her. That was enuff...butt oh nooo....she has to rattle on. It sucked massive amounts of dong, Juan. Then you finally spoke.
The bottom whine- Last night's convention with Sarahcuda Palin was mucho better than tonight. Johnny....keep your old lady in da background...I don't care if she adopts me! Just keep it in house. No stick it in face trying to prove you cares about peoples. It just smells same-same as the Greek styrofoam columns of Barack Whose-Named Obama. Savy amigo? Now go sit 5 minutes in penalty box.

El Mucho Grande
Great Reader


none said...

Thanks for the recap now I don't have to suffer :)

Erica said...

I like Cindy McCain, really, really a lot, but I think I'd rather be holed up with broken extremities in the Hanoi Hilton** than have to listen to that speech a second longer.

**No I wouldn't. I just said that to make a point.

pamibe said...

You had me at OHFISHWALL, Great Reader! LOL!

I thought I'd fall asleep during Cindy's speech but unfortunately didn't... I fell asleep sometime after John sucked up to Obama.


Bring the Sarahcudda back!

JihadGene said...

Hamma & Ericklaw-
McCain will always be a McCain. I want to reach out and bitch slap him the way he's done conservatives time and again! He (McLame)said the same old shit he's said before, reaching out to Obama and the Lib-o-crats. The only thing he did right in this campaign is to have chosen Sarah Palin for his VP slot.
Now to Cindy McLame- She ain't runnin' for office! Just because Obama Inc puts "Mama Bama" on stage to rap with the peoples doesn't mean we needed a Cindy McCain "Hour of Power". I got nothing against adoption (we adopted my son)and I too, work with local charities but I don't wave it at people. Ya do good works because it's good. Period! If you do good works for recognition then get the hell out of my way! Back to adoption...My son can tell HIS story on adoption if he wants too. I love him but HIS story is HIS story to tell...not mine... used in order to get people to pat me on the back and say what a good person I am. I'm thru rantin'...for the moment, but I sure wish Palin was in the #1 slot and not McCain.

JihadGene said...

I thought I'd fall asleep during Cindy's speech but unfortunately didn't... I fell asleep sometime after John sucked up to Obama.

Pam- You are WORD perfect!