Friday, September 26, 2008

It's Friday! Let's Dance!!!

Rough week? Could'a been worse. It's a slow dance Friday. If ever I have my choice of a last dance with my Kim, it might be to this song. She heard me playing this and immediately said, "Yes." She has good taste but how she ended up with me...well, you'll find out some more via "Love American VS Korean Style" come Sunday or Saturday night. In the meantime, hold onto your partner very close, and dance slowly to the wonderful voice of Percy Sledge singing Warm & Tender Love. Yes, Kim and I danced to this. I'm a lucky guy. Truly I am. JG


pamibe said...

Great song; let's dance!

Anonymous said...

What a great song. You are one lucky dude to have Kim.

Now that I heard the song, I feel like taking the afternoon off work and going home to dance with my husband.

bx19 said...

Lovely song. Kim's a lucky woman.

Long may you both reign.