Saturday, August 2, 2008

KIM Jong IL's Test Results and Thoughts on Racism

I am 100% White Trash.
Total White Trash!
Born in a trailer, live in a trailer, die in a trailer. I am the epitome of white trashiness. Unfortunately, I have no clue what epitome means.

Deer People's of Brogging World,
Great Reader KIM Jong IL here. I have gallantly taken the White Trash Test in odor to "Read by Example" and show's all white people's of Honky-World what a true piece 'o white trash that a brilliant Norf Korean Reader can truly be, when one set's his superior mind to it. I'm knows the test score shows only "100%Total Whites Trash" but my score was actually 10 million percent and broke the sclore board! Now, we must takes special care here to offend only white-cracker peoples so as not to offend Baalack Who's-Named Obama. Yes, Baalack, who has never played a race card, nor has ever sold dope, smoked hand-rolled cigarettes, taken hits off a bong, nor listened to dirty rap music with his daughters (whom he fondly refers to as hoe#1 & hoe #2), nor has he ever been sittin' in the pews when the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. started talking big shit about "Jews", or "rich white people", or yelling "God Damn America"! Far be it from Baalack Who's-Named Obama to speak of his baalackness! Only racist war criminals like that Medal-of-Disshonor holder, John Wayne McCain, are capabale of such racism! John White Boy McCain, who should be in a f*ckin wheelchair at the Shady Rest Convalescent Home, has shown his true caucasion-assed colors by approving such ad's as the "Pairoftits Hilton & Biteme Spears" ad. That's racist! Don't ask me how, but if the Oblama Camp says it is, then it is! To question this would be racist! You are all racists! The only way to no-longer be a racist is to vote for Oblama and therefores redeem your shameful seoul! That, and buy a bunch of Ludacris CD's.

Later Homies!
Great Reader KIM Jong IL


Anonymous said...

I am 19% White Trash."Not at all White Trashy!" I, my friend, have class. I am so not white trash. I am more than likely Democrat, and my place is neat, and there is a good chance I may never drink wine from a box.

Darn! I tried so hard too! Gonna go out and buy a box of wine now. That might fix things. And I'm NOT a Demoncrat! I've never pulled the lever for one!


JihadGene said...

You are 19% away from being a disciple of the anointed one. HE will "change" all that. HE will provide you with "hope". Just vote Obama. Yes you can! You'll be free. Free at last! You are near the mountain top! Michelle and Oprah have a dream! NOW DON'T SCREW IT UP!

D. Skippy said...

"Is the person in your family that has the best job a truck driver?"

Actually.... I had to stop and think about that one but Mr H is 88M (truck driver) and at the moment he makes more than any of us.

I be 32% white trash.