Monday, July 14, 2008

KIM Jong IL Reviews The New Yorker

Meanwhile somewhere North of the Samsung-Daewoo line (DMZ) in fabulous Norf Korea, we find Great Reader KIM Jong IL examining the latest cover of The New Yorker magazine...

KIM- Cums here, General Wang.

WANG- Here, Great Reader Sir!

KIM- Rook at picture of Barrack Who's-Named Obama and his wife Michelin. Rook closely.

WANG- Looking closely, your Greatness.

KIM- Notice anyting missing in action of photo?

WANG- Something missing in the cover photo....hmmmm. Let's see...American Flag in fireplace.
OBL's picture on wall. Can't tell if Barrack is wearing a flag lapel pin from this angle. His ears seem a little too small maybe, Great Reader?

KIM- You getting warmer....

WANG- Oh yeah. It's Tony Rezko!

KIM- You getting very warmer....hint... it is peoples who be missing.

WANG- Oh now I know, Great Reader. Their kids!


WANG- What's their daughters names?

KIM- I'm thinking it's Uday and Qusay.

WANG- Right on.


none said...

Hahahaha! or should that be ayayayayyay! ;)

He is right though. Obama's ears are wayyy too small on that pic.

Anonymous said...

We all know his leading qualification for being plesident is because he is Balack Obama. Being Balack is all it takes.


JihadGene said...

Deer Hamma & DeeBlee,

Right-on. Powers to da politicians whose want to be DickTaters just rike me! Am I Asian enuff? Are my sun grasses big enuff? Hell yeah!

Ruv You Looong Time!
Great Reader KIM Jong IL