Thursday, July 3, 2008

His Name is Shanon in Iraq

It's the 4th of July, Shanon. You're running missions with convoys or most likely working with Iraqi Police in some small outpost today. Did ya get some good chow? Something cool to drink? It's hot there, I know. Sand gets in everything. Commo workin'? Weapons functioning? Vehicle's good to go? No forgotten gear? First aid, all ready? Can ya rest? Need more clean socks? Baby wipes? I know you want to come home Shanon. I know you were caught up in that stop-loss shit...which means an involuntary extension for 10 more months, and in your case...all of it in Iraq. You didn't harp on it in your letters. This being your 2nd tour and all... I would have bitched to no end about that. But not you, Shanon. You're a class act. I'm proud of you. I never said it in an e-mail nor a letter, but we love you Shanon. Ben sent you the WWE wrestling magazine and I sent you the National Enquirer. Hope the Gator Aid powdered mix helps. Thanks, stay safe, and watch out for your fellow MP's.

Praying for you,

(I know Shanon through Soldiers Angels.)

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