Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bayoneted or E-mail from a Jackass

Don't you just love it when someone sticks a bayonet in you and treats ya like a Jap on
Iwo Jima? My bayonet came in the form of this e-mail...

We're leaving this morning for Tahoe.

*this means that my little sister (AKA nurse Ratchet) and her husband (AKA Mr Know-It-All)
will be in Tahoe having a great time with Jackass (the writer of this e-mail) and her husband, Goodguy.

So and So (another relative) has the next week but can't use it, so we're staying an extra

*this means I am even more envious/pissed because I know that Mr Know-It-All will have even more time to stay in beautiful Lake Tahoe for freezie's.

We'll be home on July 28.

*This means where I live, we will be frying (not raisins) in the sun, while the weather is perfect in Tahoe with nice cool nights. Later they'll probably be sitting near a fireplace, drinking wine, and listening to Mr Know-It-All talk of things no one could give a shit less about.

Hope all's well with you.

*This means eat your heart out suck'a.

Love you lots,
Jackass (name changed to protect the innocent)

p.s. Keep on blogging!

*This means Jackass has written Zero, Zilch, Nothin, Na-frickin-da...on her blog since June 25th and leaves me with the encouraging words "Keep on blogging".
Yeah. I'm still blogging. I love you too I just know I'm gonna pay for this. What the hell. heh-heh.


none said...

That bayonet was apparently heated in the campfire as well ;)

joated said...

Some were born to blog and others should have been drowned at birth. (Just kidding. Sorta.)

Hope they enjoy their stay at Tahoe and that the Gods of Wildfire do not smite the hills surrounding them with fire and brimstone.

JihadGene said...

Dear Hammer and Joated-
Thank you! Your words are most comforting during my personal time of envy and unwarranted crisis. If Barack "Who's-Named" Obama were Commander "of" Chief (as he says)... I would have hope for a new tomorrow! But... alas, I am, after all, a lowly tax-paying Caucasian, who clings desperately to my money, my guns, and a bible, if I can find one.JG

Teresa said...

But just think, in the evening, you can sit down with a cold one and NOT listen to idiocies. That is worth a dozen HO's... really. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Now, please, don't misunderstand me here...I have enjoyed reading Ca..uh...Jackass, but she posts too infrenquently.

As my great grandpappy used to say... "It's really difficult to believe in God, when there are so many jackases in this world that need to be struck down by a bolt of lightning."

D. Skippy said...

Is this like six degrees of Kevin Bacon on the internets or something?

Well I'm bringing it right back round full circle and posting in your comments section.

Keep blogging, gosh dern it!

Boomer Baby Carol said...

WE'RE BACK................
I got sick and wanted to be home, in my own little bed. When we left at around 10 a.m., Suz, Samuel,
Beck, Deb and Tawni were heading to the beach at Meeks Bay.

If you ever choose to leave your 116 degree hell hole, you, too, could view the blue, blue skies of Tahoe. Coming down I-80, we couldn't even see Sacramento's skyline because of all the smoke. Maybe I should have been content with being sick away from home.

I do want you to keep on blogging.

Love you most of the time anyway,

JihadGene said...

Carol's back?! Awwww shit!

JihadGene said...

Yo! Barmy Mommasan!

I'm wents to that six degrees of Kevins Bacon link. It's about working together to do some good works. You can count my Asian ass out!

Great Reader KIM Jong IL