Thursday, May 29, 2008

Great Reader KIM Jong IL On Today's MSM (Main Stream Monkeys)

Meanwhile somewhere in the "Yellow Cake District" of PyongYang, Norf Korea we find the DPRK's Great Reader KIM Jong IL, back at the computer screen....

KIM- Man, Americlaw's MSM is all flucked-up. A better Allie in Georgie W. Booshes "Axes of Evil" I'm could not ask for! What chew think, General Wang?

WANG- Indeed comrades Dan Rather, Katie Couric, Chris Matthews, and the Pelosi-lover, Charlie Gibson, have served us well, your Greatness!

KIM- Why you rattling off names of half-baked lackey's of TV Land?

WANG- But you did say the "MSM", your Most Ill-Informed One. I assume by that, you do mean the Main Stream Media, Great Reader.

KIM- WONG!!! (wrong)

WANG- Wrong, Sir?

KIM- Wong. Wong. WONG!

WANG- Please feel free to enlighten me, your Most Acronym-onious One?

KIM- For KIM Il Sung's sake! Does I'm gots to spells out everyting arounds here?!

WANG- Please, Sir.

KIM- Okray. Look here at monkey test.

WANG- I see, Sir. So when you refer to the MSM, you mean Main Stream Monkeys. These monkeys have such powers!

KIM- SHAZAM, Gomer! You're on-to something!

WANG- So, who are these Main Stream Monkeys that are also our Allies, in the Axis of Evil, Great One?

KIM- Who you think gives American Voters choices of John McLAME (McCain), Hill-ree CLINTON, and/or Baalackguy Who's-Named OBAMA?

WANG- You mean the RNC and the DNC

KIM- You on it rike vomit, General Wang.


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