Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Deer, make that The Squirrel Hunter by jihadgene

STRAIGHT WHITE GUY SAYS- One shot. That's what it's all about. One shot.
Read the sad (not to me) story of the ruthless decimation, eradication, and destruction of a squirrel. The scoped Ruger 10/.22 rifle was of course provided by the Evil Juggernauted One himsself, REDNECK! This has not gone unnoticed in the DPRK!

Pyongyang, August 24 (KCNA) -- General Secretary Kim Jong Il said "the rifle of a soldier without working-class consciousness and revolutionary resolution is less than a stick in effect."
***Note the Norf Korean to Engrish transwheytion goes like this "This is my rifle and here is my boomstick!Now lay waste to all those sum-beeches! I'm kill all you squirrels looong time!"***
And now from a PRIMO Blogger from FRANCE (Yeah, FRANCE!) on BOOMSTICKS. No squirrels were harmed in the making of this video. If one would have we would have given the carcASS to Reverend Mike Huck-ah-Blee to fry up in a Ronco Pop-Corn Popper!


Anonymous said...

... feel free to chant it with me, sir.... 'one shot, one KILL!'.... trust me, it grows on you after a while.......

.... by the way, my Pop served with 1/5 of my Glorious Corps from 66-68 in Vietnam..... he told me once that the ROK Marines were pretty damn tough (your thoughts?)..... although, I'm not really sure how he cooked them or if he used a marinade at all.....


Erica said...

A sweet, innocent, hungry little squirrel, just trying to make her way in the name's Ericklaw and I'm dis proofs of this.

Dissident frogman, OTOH...can you have the hots for someone whose face you've never seen?

Also, someone needs to Super Soak loose poop at the Iraki Hag, her house, and the fibbing Agent Presse France creeps.

JihadGene said...

The ROK Marines I saw in the 70's & 80's exuded an air of toughness. Mentally & physically. They were professional soldiers, of that I had no doubts. none. at. all.
My Dad too was a US Marine (WWII). Guadalcanal & Tarawa. He never talked much about it (war) and had bouts with malaria for many years. I miss him mightily.JG

Ericklaw- Yoo funny looong time!!!
Dissident Floggman one kool cat!!!
Ruv Yoo Looong Time!
Great Reader

Erica said...

Great Reader, my Uncle Danny, of blessed memory (whose apartment I live in), was also a WWII Marine at Guadalcanal.

Right after he died, I was hanging out with my cousins upstairs, when the doorbell rang and in walks this fully-uniformed Leatherneck who presented my cousin (Uncle Danny's son) with a plaque and some kind of certificate in commemoration of my uncle's service.

I always thought that was pretty damn cool. Marines rule.

Anonymous said...

.... Semper Fi, JG....


Anonymous said...

If Dear Reader were to find a way to eradicate squirrels from the planet that would make me a fan. It is truly amazing the damage one little squirrel can do to insulation, wiring and wood in a house when it puts its little rat mind to the task.