Saturday, April 5, 2008

RRRRRRRRRRRR! Smelly Somali Pirates at it Again! by great reader

*Pic is of Somali Pirates or Oakland Raiders fans (they all same-same)*

Great Reader KIM Jong IL here. Those scurvy-mouthed, khat-chewing, non-bacon eating, pig-sucking, moose-limb b*tch-ass, plunk-ass, Somali-assed PIE-RATS...are at it again. This times a Fwench Wuxury Yacht.

You YOO SOMALI PLYWITT PUNKS foursget what Glorious Sailors of Norf Korea do to yours PUNK PIE-RATT ASSES?!!! Heres for world's greatest milbrogg SUBSUNK...
titled "NORF KOREANS FIGHT PIRATES/HELP US NAVY" (title changed for face saving of Great Reader)

JihadGene channels...

Meanwhile, having been away a few days in Wost Vegas, we find Great Reader, KIM JONG IL, back on the intoenet, in the good old DPRK, checking the latest news...
KIM- HOE-REE KOW!!!! General Wang!!! You get you koon-dingie in front and center of me right now, MISTA!!!
WANG- Yes Great Gambler!
KIM- Doan you Great Gambler me! Rook at Brack Five!!! Why I'm no infloormed of DPRK's Numba Wun luxury tramp steamer, "The Die Hong Dan" been high-japped ! That Hi-Tech boat cum complete wiff assorted Triple AAA maps, a Realistic ship-to-hootch radio, and a Cricket cell phone! Oh...I'm fweel sick! ROOK it seems that Brack Five's lackey...the Rear's Admirable requesting of immediate leesponse frum Great Reader via that hung over blastard, JihadGene!!! Rooks rike U.S. NayBee Sale0ars save day....butts, boat, and booty's too! Oh I'm sooo sick...
I'm glonna die after I'm kill you, Wang.
WANG- But Great Gambler, I'm not bother wiff news because I'm want you having a good time. You need relax more.
KIM- (Sigh) Dat be true Wang. I'm need to re-wax more. reast crew of Regal Garbage Scowl, "Hong Kong Dan's" kick ass of katt-chewing heathen skinny Somali ply-rits. ....Hey! What was car-glow on VIP Class Toxic Barge "Long Dong Dan"?
WANG- The usual, your Most High Rollerness.....some rubberized vomit, slightly irregular/assorted Halloween costumes, plastic dog poop, 3 kilos of weapons grade/highly enriched uranium, and "X-Ray Spec's".
KIM- Awww, not the X-Ray Spec's! That's my Numba # 1 hot-seller in Tehran.

...and now Great Reader is back floor more comment, via a broke, hung-over yet happy, JihadGene....

KIM- Okray General Wang!....Let's doo some dlamage controll on dis here Somali Plyriscee Case on da High Seas.

WANG- How can we do damage control Great Reader? It be all over pages of web on Black Five!

KIM- I'm knows what yooz means Wang....but it nebber to wait to make WomenAid out of Women's! Knows what I'm mean. Wang?

WANG- I don't even know what the hell you said, Great Reader, Sir.

KIM- Eggsacktly. We gunna put Norf Korean spin on dis
hair-ball and makie US NayBee rook rike helpwess little girls! Now dicktate great dicktation frum "Super-Blain" of Great Reader KIM JONG IL!....yoo weddy?

WANG- Yep...I've got my Bic and notebook, Great DickofTater.

KIM- To whom it maybe BRACK FIVE Whores of PLOPaGANDA! How dares you treats my Gloriously Magnificated, in all of History blooks, DPRK SailOars, da Froot of Great Readers Loins... like sum weak kneed British Blastards, who love touring Iran wiff Weasel faced mudder pucker Plesident Ammadweinerjihad! Who do yoo BRACK FIVE tink yoo are...Frickin TIM RUSSERT! Yoo pile on innocent DPRK Wrongshoremen just rike BaaLack Whos-name ObLamma and company, on Great Sintore Hill-Ree Clintone (D-WhittleRoc) at Democrap Plesidential Deblates! Well it no work wiff me! So yoo stop sclandelous RightWing plopAganda slurr-machine! NOW SHUT UP OR I'M KILL YOU!!!
...How's dat, Wang?

WANG- You show'd 'em, Boss!

KIM- Yes I did!


Anonymous said...

Hey, JG, how's your sister doing? Was that her a$$-kicking knee? Will it be in good shape soon to go forth and keep her brother in line? Been waiting for an update.

By the way, they just had a case down here in Austin where some kindergartener sued his teacher and won $15,000 for her washing his mouth out with soap. Seems he got $5K for damages and $10k for future suffering.

Hope she's doing okay.


JihadGene said...

GAWD! DeltaBravo-
I'm ruv Yoo Looong Time!
Ass-kicking-knee....SWEET! See praying hands for answer!JG