Wednesday, April 16, 2008

MMM...Korean Space Food!

I'm not sure but I'm thinking this is how NBC's AL Roker lost all that weight.

Meanwhile (About 8 years ago) somewhere north of the 38th Parallel, we find DPRK's
Great Reader KIM Jong IL with his Ma...

Lil KIM- Rook, Mom! Space KimChee in a can!

MOMMASAN- Wee-cyclable too! Vice Plesident Al GOE wood be proud! Now, Jong-IL, go play your game of Gulags & GrodZilla's.

Lil KIM- Screw Dat! I'm play wiff WOCKETS!

MOMMASAN- KIMMY JONG IL!!! Don't yoo's ebber talk to your Mommy like that!

Lil KIM- Does the phraze "I'm kill you looong time"... bling any bells?

MOMMASAN- Do as you please, Great Reader.

Lil KIM- I'm thought so.

Photo* Great Reader kickin-it with an illegal alien.

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