Friday, April 18, 2008

KIM Jong IL in LiveLeak TOP GUN VIDEO!

Take this you mealy-moufed Scientology-Ruving fookheads! This is for those who swerve (serve) in the air! The DPRK's very own TOP GRUNN!
We at Great Reader saw-root (salute) the U.S. Air Florce, and all the Squids-at-Sea (Navy Pirates & unfortunate U.S.Marine Aviators). U.S. Army Pilots and Cloast Guard TOO!

Eat a tail-hook, George DoubleWoo BLOOSH!


Erica said...

Great, now I'm gonna have the "I went through the danger zone" song stuck in my head for days. It's better than the 877-393-4448 commercial, though.

Anonymous said...

.... that was pretty strange.... keep up the good work!...