Tuesday, March 25, 2008

KIM JONG IL LAUNCHES "Operation Julia Child" by JihadGene



**Great Reader's PLAN OF ATTACK!!!**

Location- Twin Citys, Mini-soda, USA

Time- 3:oo AM (Hillary Time)

Date- Maybee man-ya-na, I'm don't know.

SLUMMARY- I'm had it with heathen Viking State of Minnie-DeSoto, and in partickular, the city of Twin Citys! Why you axed? Well, it seems some war veterans (I calls 'em hero's) were to talk to da High School kids, but that got squashed. That's right. Squashed! I'm fround out about it over at one of my old trolling grounds... one of the best Mil-Broggers Ev'a! That be at the blackfive.net (I'm calls them BRACKFIVE, that be Korea talk). Go to dat link for in-depth details and such. Letz see, where's wuz I...Oh yeah...THOSE TWIN CITY BLASTARDS HAVE PLISSED OFF (the very nice) Great Reader FORS THE LAST TIME! I'm be tawkin real hero's here, no Punk Ass John KERRY Swiff-Bloats, no HILL-REE dodging sniper bullets in some Yugo auto making country! Me tawking real All-American HEROS!!! So where's I'm be gowing with this? Grood question...Here's where...I'm, as of now, ohfishally opening the "PanDora's-the-Explorer's-Box"...Yes, I had this saved for those Souf Korean losers butt this plan is versit-tile, and can be used here with Gawd-Awful Destruction. So here it is.... "I lay 'em as I play 'em"...

Commencing at precisely around or about apploximately 0300 hrs AM&FM (Stupid SF 49'ers Time) I'm sending the following Leaders of JihadGene's home state ( Koweefornia) into the fray:

Letz face it, even High School students are children. So for that reason I start off with a Soup-preme choice of a leader for "THE CHILDRENS ARMY"! Radys and Gentlesmen, I'm give you "GrandMa General" Nancy Pelosi (D)!

Next, we needs a Chinese Pubrick Relations Officer. Why, yoo dare axed me? Beclaws of all the Glawd Damn WAL-MART's poping up everywheres, of course! So's for this delicate mission I'm ass-signs one great Plate-Ree-Ott of S.F. ... she's a full Give-her-the-bird- Colonel, Senator DiAnn Feinstein (D)! This is, as I'm say, a delicate position. Now Di-Fi, what with her husband's extreme interest (financial investments) in the China-ease peoples...well... it's a match made in Pay-King!

Now, abrove all, we must take into consideration the GENE-OGG-RAPHY (same-same terrain) of this MinnySotas place. MiddySoda is chalk full of lakes! Muss be 6 or 7 of those! So's I slubmitt to you the SUBMARINE-RACE-BAITER Cloemannder of all time
The Commadoor's herself... CongressWoman MAXINE "The CIA be sellin crack in South Central" WATERS (D).

Okray...so's in the Maverwick Spirit of Senator John McLAME....I'm gives yoo peoples "THE BI-PARTISAN R.I.N.O. (repubrickan in name ownree) BRIGADE"! And who betta to fill it with than Governator ARNOLD SWARTSandEGGER!!!
(last name's a real mammer-jammer)

So people, SADDLE-UP! Cuzz THE BRUDDER-LUV BUS and TRAVELI'N SELLI'N-THE-NATION SHOW is abrout to leave the Peoples Repubrick of BERKELEY!
To you left-leaning, wall-eyed, bottom-feeding peoples of the TWIN SHITTIES ...I'm leave you own-ree with this BATTLE CRY frum our own expired JULIA CHILD....


God Spleed, my troops, and may Comrade JULIA CHILD be an insplurration to us all!

Great Reader, KIM Jong IL

*I'm warn you Twin Cities MUSKIE's/NORTHERN (my a$$) PIKE!
Per my odors, you're all floaters!


Teresa said...

Shar I bling my rorring pin?


joated said...

Oh my God! LOL!

"it's a match made in Pay-King!"

"left-leaning, wall-eyed, bottom-feeding peoples of the TWIN SHITTIES "

"Per my odors, you're all floaters!"

Gold! Pure gold!

Anonymous said...

Hey, what kind underwears you gots on in your profile pic.

JihadGene said...

TO Mr/Ms I. B. Nonymous-
Yoo have underwear question for Great Reader?! As glorious Plesident Brill Clinton answer question on M&MTV, I'm will answer your question...
It be a thong frum

Now pliss off and have a nice day!
(Ruv Yoo Loong Time)(Great Reader)