Monday, March 31, 2008

Great Reader Depressed...Seeks Spiritual Leader by JihadGene

Meanwhile somewhere North of the Samsung-Hyundai Line (DMZ) we find Great Reader, KIM Jong IL , reading the polls and lookin deplessed...

KIM- Awww, mudder-fruckers!!! General Wang, get over here ASLAP!

WANG- I'm right here, your Greatness. Sir, you look depressed. Oh, you're on the computer again, Sir. You know nurse Ratched said it's bad for your blood pressure, Sir. Should I call the PyongYang "Emerald Club" and order up a special nurse for you.

KIM- Naw... Me not so hor-nay, as like Brill Clinton or a NY Governor, today. Just deplessed over my latest Gulag Popularity Poll frum Sogs-Bee (Zogby) .

WANG- What's the problem, Most Depressed One?

KIM- Well, remembers the udder day, when I'm "Clacked Off" sum Wockets?
(DickTaters just wanna have fun. That's all. Same-same as Cyndi Lauper)

KIM- Yes, I seem to recall, Sir.
(Gave me damned heart-failure!)

KIM- Mayblee I'm just like the president-u-haul candy-date "Baalack Who's-name OBAMA" dude, I'm needs a "SPIRIT-URINAL Advicer"!!!

WANG- A Spiritual Advisor, Great One? Well...perhaps?

KIM- Good! Good! Set up's see-crit phone call to Chi-cogs-glow (Chicago) in US's A!

WANG- Yes Great One! (Aww sh*t! I just know I stepped into it, this time!)

*To be continued...tomorrow. I'm swears!JG

Ruv Yoo Looong Time,

Great Reader, KIM Jong IL


Teresa said...

Shall we send over some Prozac? Or maybe he just needs to fire off a few more rockets... LOL.

JihadGene said...


KIM- Yoo WOK! Butt a regular sized Keg of Bludwiser will doo if no PLO-sack!

JG- I took a piss-test and the Doctor said I came up positive for Clydesdale's! I'm switchin to Coors.

GR 'n JG

joated said...

Jeez Louise! This better not be an "Aplir Foor's" joke! Can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring/

Teresa said...

Bludwiser... ROFLMAO!!!

Erica said...

Is it just me or can you peeps see JihadGene as a recurring SNL character?

JihadGene said...

Dears Terror-eesa,
Bludwiser is da King of BLEERS!

Ericklaw- Yoo's best snaps-outta it!
Or you'll test positive for KIMCHEE! I should nose.


Teresa said...

OMG - I'm sure Anheuser-Bloosh will be most grateful for the endorsement Oh Great Reader.


JihadGene said...