Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dr KIM Jong PhiL on Behavior (the detestible kind) by JihadGene

Doctor KIM Jong PhiL on De-Testicle Behavior

KIM- Hell-row! Docktor KIM Jong "PhIL" here. I will have my assistant, the 7 Starred General Wang, channeling Hillree Clinton again, for your enlightenment.

WANG- I don't know Sir.

KIM- I'm ODOR YOU! Besides, I have a family plan for the Wang's at any number of my Goo-Logs.

WANG- Gulags, Great Reader?

KIM- Read my whips....GOO...FWICK'N...WOGS!

WANG- I'm sooo Hillary, Doctor PhIL!

KIM- I'm taught, so.

WANG- ......uhhh.....So as our plane cork-screwed into Bosnia International, we began receiving Triple A (anti aircraft artillery). I held SinBad's hand, as he was a nervous wreck, and I made sure all trays and chairs were in the up-right position, as the Air Force flight attendants were soiling their britches and overcome with fear. As we landed the in-coming sniper fire was so fierce that our brave troops-on-the-ground, threw down their weapons, and ran-away faster than Obama tryin to catch a quick smoke! As I a picked up an abandoned M-2 .50 cal Heavy machine-gun ...

KIM- Snap out of it, WANG! I'm heard this all befloor.

WANG- So, I MISSPOKE ...! It was only the first time I did so in 12 years.

KIM- Crap! Now I'm got a 7 Star General Hill-ree. Snap out of it Wang!

*( We now say aloha to Great Reader and wish him hell.)JG RYLT!

(Thanks to DeltaBravo for this inspiration, even on a Sunday.)JG RYLT!


Anonymous said...

Dang, I just read in the news that you are planning a pre-nuptial strikes on your friendly neighbor to the South.

You are a bad bad puddytat.

Anonymous said...

Her military prowess goes far beyond that, KIMchee. Here's another blast from her past. Whatever lies in there, maybe there is a spark of the truth... impending marriage to Billyboy and she happens across a USMC recruiter in all of his spit-n-polish glory. Well, any normal gal would want to sign up, right?

Deltabravo (humbled at the shoutout. I'm really not an inspiration at all.)

JihadGene said...


You right up my rife! I do ruv "mucho" your comments at brackfive! You are one of the peeps who kept egg'n me on for more. Can't thank yoo enough long time! Honest.


Anonymous said...

JG, no one can be that funny all the time (not to mention the muy clever puns within the puns) and not be a freakin' genius. As ever, I'm grateful for the laughs in the midst of some not very funny subjects.


JihadGene said...

Thanks Lillian...looong time!!!