Friday, July 24, 2009

It's Friday! Let's Dance!!!

Meanwhile inside the the teachers lounge at P. U. (Pyongyang University) we find North Korea's Great Reader, KIM Jong IL ( Supreme Professor of DICKtatorial Asian Studies/Waste Relations & Wocket Science) contemplating current events...

KIM- Hmmmmmm..... Hey, Professor-General Wang!

WANG- What up, Professor-Doctor KIM?!

KIM- That's Supreme-Doctor-Professor KIM to you, Teacher's-Aide-General Wang!

WANG- Uh, yes Sir.

KIM- I'm tells you what up, General Wang. Rook at Yah-Whose news headslines on cumpooter.

WANG- (squinting) Let's see...Michael Jackson haunts a Chuckie Cheese pizzeria in Rancho Cucamonga?

KIM- NO! Look further!

WANG- (squinting) Okay.... Hmmm...Nancy Pelosi says "I'm not afraid of August--it's a month."

KIM- NO! Must I'm exprain everything?! This is a telling story of the American's Office of Moe Higher Learning for Gray-matter!

WANG- (wtf?) Please explain, Supreme-Doctor-Professor, Sir.

KIM- Looks HERE! It says old man ruffed up by the POE-lice for no apparenting reason! It says old man busted for breaking into own house.

WANG- Maybe he wouldn't have to force his own door open if he'd just kick down with some cash and have that door fixed, which was damaged by a prior burglary, Sir. I wonder too... if the tight old bastard has even considered having a good alarm system installed? Surely a Professor at Harvard could afford that. How much money does a Professor at Harvard make?

KIM- Let me give you some insight into the Americlan waves of life... The true Michael Vicktim of this crime...a crime against heinously perpetuated by George W. Bush and Dick Cheny's highly trained water-boarding, heavy-handed, and jack-o-lanterned-booted police force ... is none udder than Mr Aflac-can American, Professor of Negrology at Harbird University...Doctor-Professor "King Henry the VIII" "Louie-Louie" Gates Jr.! Now that's a vick dumb!

WANG- Very good, Sir. Are you done?

KIM- No. Not quiet! Let me further states...I don’t know, not having been there and not seeing all the facts, what role race played in that. But I think it’s fair to say, No. 1, any of us would be pretty angry; No. 2, that the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home; and No. 3, what I think we know separate and apart from this incident is there is a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by police disproportionately. That’s just a fact!

WANG- (Sounds like a bunch of bullshit to me)...Hmmm.

KIM- What's that, General Wang?

WANG- Nothing. Very good, Sir. Anything else?

KIM- O.J. is innocent!!!

WANG- It's Friday, Sir. May I pick today's dance song?

KIM- Go for it, Muh-Fugger!

WANG- Here ya go folks...It's Friday! Let's Dance and please note that no Community Organizers were incarcerated in the filming of this music video!

KIM- Nice touch.


Hammer said...

lol great choice. Mr Gates would have done well to listen to Mr fuller.

Anonymous said...


Good one.


Jerry in Indiana said...

That was great. I don't think I've ever seen a picture of Bobby Fuller before. Loved the Ann Margret clone dancing in the next cell too.

USA_Admiral said...

I bet Gates has one hell of a mug shot. Great old tune too.

pamibe said...

You should be ashamed of yourself; I laughed so hard I snorted! LMAO!

Erica said...

Mr Aflac-can American, Professor of Negrology...say it loudly enough, and I'm sure some doofus will steal the idea to institute a new major at our nation's ivy league schools.

The_Kid said...

Af-a-lack.. Af-a_Lack.. Af-a-Lack, Lack Lack Lack Lack.....

So soothing.

How can Obama manage to out stoopid himself on a daily basis ?

The_Kid said...

PS - good tune.

buffalodick said...

Funny stuff today!

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

glad, you're still writing!
And funny as ever!

visited a couple of times, but didn't really have the time to comment, since I am renovating and this sort of thing.

You can see it here:

- well at least the wilderness-crap...

am gonna post some pics about renovation soon. Got some new tools recently and my son absolutely loved it!

how is your family doing?