Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Dear Friends,

If I don't get out much, like to your blogs, sorry. We are gearing-up, here at Fashion Thug, for the back from PRISON/back to SCHOOL sale!!! Let's face it, this is a clothing store's biggest and busiest time. We at Fashion Thug, have been back in Los Angeles buying more thug and hootchie-mama wear, for our valued customers. Thanks to my state's Governor, Arnold, the California Department of Corruption (Corrections) is going to release about one or two bafuckinzillion of our valued customers early. READ HERE. Sooo... we at Fashion Thug are very busy these days. I may blog something in a month , a day, year from now, if Allah is willing. I don't know. Whatever. I am one busy mutha fazucker (code for... Bid-nessman), right now. If you never hear from me again it will because of one of these "Non-Violent Prisoners" who got out of jail early...has just waxed my ass. But whatever. Our governor knows best. If I could only conceal a 12 gauge without sweating my ass off in a trenchcoat. I got a 9mm pistol that sucks ass. Anything in a concealable .45 caliber for a guy with big hands? Your suggestions are welcome. Let me know. This shit in California sucks.

Future Robbery Victims and Small Business Owners,
JihadGene & Family


Anonymous said...

Laughing too hard at your title and picture to be able to read the blog entry.


USA_Admiral said...

You better arm up some. Sounds like everything a liberal utopia should be.

The_Kid said...

Oh yea, Let 40% of the prison population out but keep the 18 million landscapers who weedwhack the edges of the freeways on.
And the incompetent teachers sitting on their ass in their homes on full salary of say 68k a year waiting for a "review".

I'm sure you know the drill better than me JG.
Good Luck Sir!
You and your family be safe!

pamibe said...

LMAO! Have mercy!! Y'all at Fashion Thug stay safe!

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Jihad-Man; Could you sell some belts to those fahionable thugs? I be gettin' sick up and fed at watchin' a thug havin' to hold his shit up while walkin' cross the street.

Anonymous said...

Barco made me spit coffee clear across the room.


Joanie said...

Oh yeah, like we here in California don't already have enough trouble as it is.

You know what? Release the guys who've spent time on the fire lines during our big fires. And change a law or two to allow them to get jobs as firefighters (like many jobs in CA, if you have a felony on your record, your chances of working for the fire department are basically non-existent). Oh, wait. That's right. The state wants to cut funds to fire depts. too! Cuz that makes sense.

One more reason for me to move. But where? WHERE?

buffalodick said...

It is a revelation to the Midwest that people like you live in California.. In a State renowned for liberals, free thinkers, and outright flakes, it's good to know someone is watching the pot... Let me rephrase that... Just kiddin', friend!

Maeve said...

Too bad your thugs are not of the supersticious kind. We could sacrifice some chickens or goats for all to see and put up signs saying "The hairy eye ball is watching YOU".

Richmond said...

Holy crap - stay safe and keep the funny going!! :)

Teresa said...

I shall be sending good vibes your way for the thugs and hoochie mamas to buy up all your merchandise and leave you free to blog again without recourse to a 12 gauge.