Monday, March 23, 2009

JG- Guru of Love and Weapons

No. I didn't have romanticks inter-lewd with the Mrs, but what the hell, there's always next year! Ya gotta look on the blight Great Reader KIM Jong IL would say! Now, about the itchy palm...I went out and spent money at Big 5 Sports. I guess the itchy right palm thang was about money if you can't have sex a good Democrat...spending spending hard-earned dollars in order to get out of debt, I spent some. Bought this here NOT TOY for son to practice shooting with. It was on sale for $119 (reg price $149). Ben's a great kid and I gave him the JihadDad former US Army Sergeant range briefing on safety and instruction on good shooting technique. He is very aware of the business end of a weapon and safety. He is good with a BB gun. I've upgraded him to a pellet rifle with a scope. The wife is not thrilled. Hmmm... Now my butt's itchy. I wonder what that means?


Anonymous said...


JihadGene said...

Just like my wife says "You want Pepperoni H"?

Maeve said...

Maybe you have one of those tape worms living in your intestine.

Anonymous said...

I have one of those pellet rifles. Very accurate.

I can hit a beer can at 50 yards (52.37865436798 meters..)

But my butt is not itchy.

I do need to brush my teeth though and pluck some ear hairs. Wonder what that means... Hang on, I'll be back in a minute.


none said...

I moved my son from BB gun to Airsoft. Those things hurt like hell.

JihadGene said...

You're absolutely right! I wonder if it's a Congressman or a Senator?

I only use a toothbrush for cleaning guns with (not gums)and I always make sure I am within 50 yards of a good beer at all times. How about nose hairs? Wished they made garden shears small enough for that. Hang on ...I gotta scratch.

Are Airsoft the way to go? I don't know anything about them (I'm old school). I saw 'em at the store, guess I should'a asked.

Anonymous said...

JG - Nose hairs? Women don't know how good they have it ! The male curse.

I'm thinking about contacting Stihl to see what they can do, or failing that, maybe flame thrower.

You get as old as me, you won't believe where the hairs rise up for revolution and hell raising.


Teresa said...

Itchy butt? That'll teach ya to watch where you're sitting when you aren't wearing any shorts... ROFLMAO.

pamibe said...

Lovely little weapon! If you're giving out guns I'm open for adoption... ;)

Anonymous said...

... a while back a buddy of mine gifted me a 1965 Daisy Red Rider that he'd re-worked...... can't kill anything but ladybugs with it, but it's a fun little gun....