Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Like Father like Son

So it's like 0715 hours today, that's 7:15 AM (PST) for you civilians, and I'm making my 13 year old, Ben, some Samyang ramen for breakfast while he is at the table on the laptop computer showing the wife (the ruvly Kim) something. They are cracking up! Pretty loud, too. Now I am hearing people talking like me, when I do my KIM Jong IL schtick. WTF?! For those who don't know... my son was adopted from South Korea (no, not north). Judging by the video he found and is playing for us (his parents) he is either...
a.) Comfortable with his adoption
b.) Totally warped having been raised by me

You be the judge. For those of you who know me and think the Dad in the video is just like me...I'm say "Whats-a-matta-4-U'?! Thanks for the You Tube Ben!
Thanks looong time!!!


none said...

hahah that show is over the top.

When I adopted my kids the social workers made us sign a pledge to teach our kids about their ethnic heritage.

I need toput on my sombero and get to work in the yard... ;)

JihadGene said...

El Hammer-

Se habla...I ruv you, man!!!

Anonymous said...

I saw the Korean Soap Opera one and almost peed my pants laughing.

Anonymous said...

Hammer. Put down the lawnmower and buy me a new keyboard. Now.

Damn that was funny.

JG, that was very very funny. I think your son has your sense of humor. Job well done. The Lovely Kim has been hanging around you way too long too.


Keep us laughing. We need it.


Anonymous said...

Gene and Ben,
That was great!
Love you,
Elder Sister

Anonymous said...

Aren't those parents pretending to be Japanese ?

Aregatto! Ondeleee Ondelee! Arriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiba !!!!!!!
Sacre Bleu !


buffalodick said...

Kids learn what they are taught.. a sense of humor is a valuable thing!

Tammi said...

OK. For a minute there I thought that father WAS you!!

That's fabulous.

Y'all have an amazing son. And he's pretty darn lucky too!!

joated said...

You left off c) All of the above.