Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lord I Need Some Help LOOONG Time

I woke up with an itchy palm of the right hand this morning. I am left handed. In Korea it means something but my wife says she forgot...I told her it means it's time to make wild & crazy RUV to me! She says she forgot and to shut up the mouse (mouth) and get ready for church. Okay, I'm gettin ready for church and I'll pray for all of you but can anyone tell me what the itchy palm means in a Korean folk-lore frame of mind? Also, will I go to hell if I ask the good Lord for my wife to put out on the Sabbath? Just askin. Gotta go...I'll be back. Hope I don't have to delete this post.


Hammer said...

Itchy palms means it's time for scrotal de-lousing..

At least that's what my fortune cookie said..

Anonymous said...

After extensive research, I have the following options for you:

o An itchy right palm means that you will receive money. An itchy left palm means you will have to give money.

o An itchy palm means your really aroused and can not control your bodily fluids, like if your left palm is itchy it means watch out cause your girl prolly gonna be bitchy. (This one comes from North Dakota.. ooofta)

o If your left palm and your butt are both itchy, then it's time for a bath with your camel.

None of these options seem appealing. I'd switch hands if I were you.


JihadGene said...

Hamm'a and C_Bob,

Hell, now I'll have to delete all comments too. (heh-heh)

Cappy said...

Yes indeed, you do need help. Big Time.

Oddybobo said...

Ummm, An Itchy palm means . . . wait for it . . . your palm is itchy. Geeze!

Asked Oma, she said "I don't know! go sclatch! What da hell!"

And there you have it. ;)

LL said...

You can always ask these women but they take being Korean (Korean-American) seriously so you might chap their heinies too. Heh.

JihadGene said...

Tanks looong time buut no tanks! No want brogg war with Kimchi Mama's.

Great Chicken, Kim Jong Gene