Monday, March 16, 2009

Great Weekend Looong Time

Guess who came, not dinner.....but to drink a beer with us on Saturday night? Was it Elvis? Barry Zito? Ozzy Osbourne? Nope...even better... it was Tammi and That1Guy . What great folks! These are the 1st bloggers I've met in person and what a treat it was! They tested out our "Jingle Bells" playing doorbell and were shown the "Elvis Bathroom". That1Guy even personally tried out the commode and it met or exceeded all expectations, I'm pleased to report! WooHoo! Man, you talk about good peeps...these two are it. The lovely wife (Kim) remained pretty much quiet as we talked and talked and LAUGHED! It was just plain good for the soul. The wife smiled a lot. It was good for her as well, watching me try to shutup and listen, while others talked. As for our son, Ben...well, he tolerated us alright by watching TV. On Sunday, after church and lunch, Ben and I went to see Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) in "Race to Witch Mountain". Car crashes, space aliens, and gunfire...we loved it looong time!!! The wife had quiet time alone...she was happy....heck, our dogs were happy too! If your weekend was half as good as ours, then you had a nice one for sure. JG!
(*about the picture* from left to right are Tammi, JihadGene, and That1Guy;)'s my blog, so I can be The Rock.


Teresa said...

Yes I can see how the pic looks exactly like all of you. ROFLMAO.

Sounds like a terrific time all around! YAY!!!!

Richmond said...

That's great! T1G and Tammi are two of my favorite people. :) I am so glad all y'all had such a good time!

Bou said...

"Hey, its my blog, so I can be the rock" LOL! That was great.

Tammi and T1G are the best. If that was your first introduction into bloggers real time, you've set the bar very high, my friend.

Tammi was the first blogger I met and she is an absolute peach. T1G was later, and became more like a brother. What GREAT people.

Maeve said...

It sounds like a GREAT time!
I have a laundry list of bloggers I'd love to meet.
And yeah, I can see the resemblance between you & the Rock.

pamibe said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I've not met T1G, but Tammi is the BEST!

Oddybobo said...

I agree with Richmond and Bou. I love them both. You met some great peeps. When I need a laugh, T1G is who I call!

That 1 Guy said...

It was an honor and a pleasure to meet you guys, Gene! I'll have to come down and bug you again!

Anonymous said...

The rock is cool. Maybe too cool. And an Honest guy.


tammi said...

It was a REAL pleasure sir. Thank you for your hospitality.

And now that I know the never know!

But, dude? Blond? You made me the blond?!?! I thought you liked me!!

But I guess that is the best of the 3 options. For me anyway.


Jerry said...

What a flattering picture. Tammi and T1G look so...young. I'm so glad you got to meet these two. They are the best peeps!

Richmond said...

Jeez Tammi - blonde isnt sooooo bad. ;)