Thursday, February 26, 2009

This is Only a Test!

My all American friend (LL) over at Chromed Curses brings up some interesting Korean folklore/stupid shit. Let me tell ya, right from the git go (not to be confused with GITMO) that LL is all American. Let there be zero doubt about that, but her birth Mom was 100% Korean. So what does that make LL, you dare ask?! She's a 100% American who likes kimchee and rice... and kimpap (kimbop)... and good Korean foods like that! Hell, I love it looong time too and I'm a 6'3" 250 pound (give or take 20 lbs on a good night) Californian American...scratch that shit....I'm an American who wants to move to Texas but my wife won't go for it. Enough!

So dear readers, let's talk things uniquely (strangely) Korean...

Korean Fact#1-
LL writes..."we had 4 cats when we had my daughter and my mom was CONVINCED those cats were gonna kill her in her sleep".

Honestly this comes as no surprise to me (JihadGene) as I think the last Korean horror movie I watched was titled "Attack of the Killer Kittens" starring the late comedian Rodney Danger-Kim and the lovely late Marilyn Mogo (mogo means eat in Korean). Cats are killers!!! My dogs hate them. That's good enough for me. (I really like cats...not so much the wife)

Korean Fact #2-
LL also reminded me of this horror of horrors as well...she wrote...
"Do your in-laws have that 'fan in a closed room' dying thing? That one still cracks me up".

Did you know that in Korea it is widely believed that if you leave a fan on in your room with the window closed it will suffocate your ass?! Another Korean fact-O-life and death for you Americans to ponder!!! I'm thinkin' it's about time for the B-In-Law and S-In-Law to cutta (Korean for split). Being as it was a warm 68 degrees today, I'm thinking I will lock all the doors and windows shut, then kick on the ceiling fans to WARP-Speed!!! Even if they don't leave it will be worth it in my book. The wife is at work now and the son and I want our home back... or at least we could use a good laugh. This would fill the bill perfectly! Wish us luck and I will be sure that my son doesn't stand near any window or door when I conduct this test of "THE KOREAN EMERGENCY BAILOUT SYSTEM"!!!


Anonymous said...


At the end of a long day, I needed that laugh.


(Looking suspiciously at my fan and wondering if it really would suck all the air out of the room.)

PS. Only yellow stripey cats are crazy enough to actually kill you and eat you.

JihadGene said...

Deltabravo- As we say on Hawaii are one wise wahine!!!

Great Reader Kam Fong
(as Detective Chin Ho)

Anonymous said...

Dude, you weren't reading me when I blogged how my mom woke me up out of a dead sleep. "WendyWendyWendy!!! Oh, ok, just wanted to make sure you weren't dead."

And she walked away.

I had to get up and find out that I'm not supposed to run the fan in a closed room.


Good luck on the test, but I think they're most hinky about them oscillating ones. Thems the debils work!! ;)

JihadGene said...

LL- That's right...oscillating fans...hmmm. So you're telling me that you slept with an oscillating fan on in a closed room and are alive to tell about it?!
I can see your story now, the Korean-national "Enquirer"...

Kooool! (pun intended)
JG ;)

rayanne said...
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rayanne said...

This has nothing to do with fans or Koreans, but. I had a coworker who insisted if you drove with your car vents closed, you would suffocate. I nearly crashed from laughing at her. But it completely freaked her out when I continued driving with them closed. She said her Grandmother from Mexico told her it was so.
I have yellow strippy cat. Damn.

Maeve said...

Well, I have a yellow stripey cat and we all know I call him "Satan's Little Helper".
I never grew up with anything scary as the fans. We Irish believe that whiskey & butter cures everything though.
Oh and then there is the "if a wild bird flys in your house some one will die"
We used to scoff at that until granmda died after one got in the attic...........

joated said...

What's the matter? Run out of chores for the BIL to do?

Anonymous said...

Ceiling fan in closed room waste erectricity.

Any Asain girl will kill you for dat.

-Wo Fat.