Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pentagon to Allow Coverage of US War Dead

This hurts and plain pisses me off! Here it is RIGHT HERE!

I do not want our heroe's caskets returning home made into a photo op for politicians to parade around as a bunch of caring patriotic individuals (with an ulterior motive) like this pathetic POS, the Lt Governor of Pennsylvania, Catherine Baker Knoll did in July 2005. In case you didn't hear or forgot, read HERE! The anti-war types will only use the photos for their propaganda purposes. I refuse to let our honored heroes be used! Period. It's not right.
Thanks to BLACKFIVE for the head's up.


pamibe said...

Another Very Bad Idea. They don't seem able to make a good decision. :-(

Anonymous said...

I'm tellin' ya. I'm under my bed with a bottle of moscato. Y'all tell me when it's safe to come out because I can't take any more news about this administration. Only 203 more weeks of this debacle....