Friday, February 27, 2009

It's Friday! Let's Dance!'s Friday so let's sing and dance together kids! It seems my Bro and Sis In Law are headed back home to Korea on Monday. I'll miss them. I changed the words of this classic song to sing along to...see below. I just had to express my sincere grief at their leaving. So put on those cowboy boots or your Tony Lama tennis shoes and dance with the Great Reader and JihadGene! Please join in!! (Don't tell my wife!!!)

SILVER WINGS> JihadGene Remixed

Silver wings shinning in the sunlight,
roaring engines headed TO KOREA in flight.
They're taking you away, leaving me HAPPY,
silver wings TOO slowly fading out of sight.
Don't COME BACK i cry, don't take that airplane ride (back anytime too soon).
But you DROVE me out of MY mind. left me
Silver wings shining ON the *KIMCHEE,
(if you don't know what Kimchee is, well, good luck making sense of this blog)
roaring engines headed WESTWARD in flight.
They're taking you COME MONDAY, leaving me ECSTATIC.
silver wings TOO-DARNED slowly fading out of sight.
Silver wings shining on the *SAMGYE-TANG (Korean ginseng chicken soup),
roaring engines headed TO KOREA in flight,
they're taking you away. Leaving me DOING DOUBLE-BACK FLIPS!!!.
Silver wings TOO slowly fading out of sight.
WAY TOO Slowly fading out of sight.


pamibe said...

You're going to miss them, aren't you? [Lyrics aside!]

I haven't heard that song in forever, which tells you how old I am...

JihadGene said...

Pam- They really are great people and I DO love them. I guess it's just the older Korean ways in them that drives them so and drives me so very nutz. When Niece and Nephew (Jina and Jae) were here it was easy. They could have stayed forever. It was smooth and they are much younger and very westernized. My wife clings on to her Korean roots and I can understand a point. Guess I'm just an American. They'll have to deal with that as I have to deal with their culture. There are good and bad in both cultures (east & west). Life ain't easy so I'll just have to sit back and enjoy the ride, the airplane ride, that is. JG ;)

buffalodick said...

My son was good friends with a Korean kid.. parents had a restaurant, and we got to know them and Korean cuisine better! Another Korean lady owned a party store by our house. I'd swap her Kim-Chee for my BB-Q sauce..

JihadGene said...

BD- BBQ sauce & Kimchi...I like 'em both (not together)! Korean BBQ'd beef short ribs (called kalbi) are the world's greatest!