Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Dogs and the Korean In-Laws

My buddy Deltabravo has asked me a timely question. She asked: How is my white dog, the West Highland White Terrier, BOOGER BUTT, getting along with my Korean visitors (Brother-In-Law & Sister-In-Law)? As far as my SIL is concerned the dogs are to stay out as she is too busy enjoying her time here in the USA cleaning, cooking, and moving shit all over the place where I can't freeking find it. Same program she pulls on me every 2 years when she comes and visits, but I'll be damned if she doesn't change-up locations on where she thinks my stuff should be! Holy batshit! She's a great lady so I can't rant too much more than that.
Now...On to My Bro-In-L and Booger Butt!
My Westie (Booger Butt) loves B-In-Law LOOONG time!!! She sits and watches him work all day long. She won't even doze off and she's almost 9 Caucasion people years old. Note that I did not say Asian people years old, as they age slower because of all the damned rice they eat 24-7 and try to feed me sack-loads of (morning, noon, and night) while they are here visiting me. The lucky b-tards!
Anyway, my B-I-L smokes outside (thank God) and loves to work outside. My Booger Butt (the Westie) will sit and watch him smoke, or work, as if she is absolutely love-struck! It's funny but true. She loves to just sit and watch him work and stuff. Maybe my Booger Butt was a California Transportation (CALTRANS) worker in another life? All those Caltrans assholes do is put out orange cones then stand around and supervise work that takes forever to get done. After that they go and bitch to Governor Arnold that they get no R-E-S-P-E-C-T and want more money. My other dog is a Shitzu and could give a shitzu less. Fin.


LL said...

I'm surprised they don't love on the dogs. Most Koreans I know love smaller dogs. Big ones, not so much. And God forbid they should spy a cat in the house cuz they are evil, evil creatures. But little dogs are usually adored. That's pretty funny.

Oh, and I hope you find all your stuff again. We still can't find stuff my mom has moved. I should check the pile she made in the basement of things she thinks I should donate to the Salvation Army. She was being helpful and made all kinds of keep-donate-throw away piles for me.

JihadGene said...

My BIL loves on them, especially the Westie but he eats 'em too...back home, at a Kae-gogi house, not here thank God! My SIL wants the dogs outside like at her place. Me casa is now her casa...oh well...she is a great cook! She makes the world's greatest kimpap!
And yes...cats are evil to them. Especially to my Niece Jina who is like 24 or 25. She absolutely shrieks when she passes by one.
I have no idea why. I may have asked my wife once but she probably couldn't tell me why either.
I just take it all in stride (weird Korean things) and try to deal with it as best I can.

LL said...

Yeah, well, we had 4 cats when we had my daughter and my mom was CONVINCED those cats were gonna kill her in her sleep.

Do your in-laws have that "fan in a closed room" dying thing? That one still cracks me up.

I'm both amused and somewhat appalled at Koreans and their thinking. But mostly amused. ;)

oddybobo said...

mmmm. Kimpap - I am not very hungry for Kimpap. :( I shall go to the Korean store right now, despite the fact that I am working :)

Oh and I had a boxer for years - her name? Kaegogi *snicker*

Oddybobo said...

Ok. Ran out and bought Kimpap for lunch and some kimchi to stink up my office and some kochu in case my kimchi isn't spicy enough! Wheee!!!

buffalodick said...

My neighbor has a West Highland Terrier, I have had three Airedale Terriers over 30 years. Big dogs rule!