Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What's Going On?

So here's what's going on. I have begun many posts but just can't get it together. I often begin to post then delete it. It's not funny enough or kind'a not quite right. My writing karma is on the kaput side but I will drive on and get through this post! Oh well, let me bore you with life here...The approx 2450 square feet of "Blamboo" floors are all done! I swear to Buddha I'll post a few pics! It came out pretty okay if I do say so myself! My elder sister-in-law just flew back to S. Korea yesterday after thoroughly spoiling us with 3 weeks of her wonderful cooking and house cleaning skills! She is home safe and sound and I have the cleanest house in California, thanks to her. She also makes the best Korean foods you've ever eaten! God I miss her already! Anyhow...I wish a bus load of tourists would show up for a tour of the place while the house is so very looong-time clean. That is, before it turns back into a pumpkin or it's usual dusty self. Hell, my wonderful sister-in-law even dusted off all my Elvis memorabilia in the "Elvis Bathroom"! What a woman!!! Yes, we really do have an "Elvis Bathroom" done in Viva Las Vegas gold and white. The E bathroom has two small chandeliers hooked up to a dimmer switch for mood lighting (I guess) while you poop. We are shipping our son the 8th grader out to Washington DC, Philadelphia, and maybe Fresno (nyuk-nyuk) for a historical tour. The wife (my very own Iron Empress) considers this is money well spent. Hmmm? I doubt he will learn much or see much, though... because he's sooo damn busy texting some of his shit-head friends and listening to his stupid Ipod. I'm a Dad so let me rant, please. Oh well, that's teenagers for ya. Let's see...also this month...I have a niece, in Sacramento, graduating from college! The son and I will go up there for her graduation. She receives her Masters in mathematics (of all things)! I still can't believe she did it even though she's directly related to me and does not have even one drop of Korean blood in her veins. Well, that's about it for now. Hope all is well with you and yours. Please keep our troops and their families in your prayers. Soldiers Angels needs some money, so help 'em if ya can!
Ruv You All Very LOOONG Time,
JG & Family


innominatus said...

It ain't just you. I've deleted a bunch of lame-o stuff myself lately.

Back in my college days I had a Korean roommate one year. His girlfriend would get OFFENDED if I dared try to clean my own house or wash my own dishes. She didn't even live with us but she insisted on doing all the housework. Those were the days!

Kanani said...

I suppose Kat and I will have to make plans to see the BLAMBLOO floors!

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Elvis memorabilia in the "Elvis Bathroom"


All I want is a Crying Velvet Elvis. And you mock me with the Elvis Bathroom!

Understand about the Writing Mojo. Keep up where you can. It will come back.

But first, before travel, be sure to visit the Elvis Shrine.

For me.

P.S.; Could your Sister In Law come out to Florida?

Susan at Stony River said...

I am looooong time jealous of your Elvis Bathroom! What a glorious idea ...

Teresa said...

LOL - well, you may not have the mojo but you haven't lost the style... Elvis bathroom... I love it!

pamibe said...

Congratulations to your niece and I'm happy to hear that the blamboo is all in! ;)

joated said...

Elvis Bathroom?? *rolls eyes* You have got to be kidding me!

I'm sure the 8th grader will have a good time.

Congratulations to your niece, the Math Master.

Kid said...

Hey Gene, excellent update and I can dig.

Well, if I may suggest.. Direct your son Looong time to the Smithsonian for as long as he can stand it in DC.

I was there when I was about that age, and LOVED it. Mostly the Air and Space section for MOI, but he's gotta have something that turns him on that is most excellently represented at the Smithsonian.

Well, I did about 200 sq ft of red oak flooring and it took me 3 months. 3 1/4" wide boards too :)
You da man baby.
Enjoy your handy work. AND get some points with that beauty you're living with that maybe has no idea what you just did..

Kid said...

Actually, that'd be 2000 sq ft.

"One board at a time"

Kid said...

PS - I didn't watch the vid becuase the chick in freezeframe looks like hilree crinton