Friday, March 26, 2010

It's Friday! Let's Dance!!!

Hell-of-a-week, it's been! At about midnight Sunday night our store
(I call it Fashion Thug) got broken into again...for the 3rd time in about 2 and a half years. There were 3 of 'em...young punks (Aflac-can Americans). They got away with about 24 pair of pants and a dozen pair of stunner gen-U-ine fake diamond ear rings. Stooopid fucks! They went right past the Levi 501's and took the baggy pants-on-the-ground-shit I sell for half the price of the Levi's. I have again upgraded the security (yes we have cameras and an alarm system) but for these 3 guys it didn't matter. Since there were 3 of 'em, the cameras caught on tape, I have dubbed them with an alias or AKA for the local cops. Remember the movie The Three Amigos? Well I have named these three The 3 Ah-NEGROES!!! The cops loved the name LOOONG time! Oh well, it's Friday and I got this song in my head and visions of theses assholes locked up... so let's all dance!!!
*This one's for our blog friend, Tammi of Tammi's World!


Kanani said...

Ah, crap. Hey are you around this weekend? Son wants to drive rooooong drive. Let me know.

Laughing Wolf said...

Well, bleep. Sorry to hear about the robbery, and love the name you gave them. Hope they are caught, and soon!

USA_Admiral said...

Now, that is funky with a cha cha!

I hate only one thing more than thieves, democrats, because basically they are thieves too.

Good luck getting three Ah-Negroes.

Take it easy!!!!

tankerbabe said...

Damn it! I hope they get those scum bags JG. Sorry you all had to endure this AGAIN. Can you rig you security to automatically spray tear gas or something when the alarm is tripped?

Love you LOOOOOOOONG time and hope Kanani and crew get to visit this weekend. I'll be happy for you all but insanely envious.

USA_Admiral said...

TankerBabe is right, use some claymores That will get the message across. of course the collateral damage will be a bitch to fix. You can't put a price on security can you?

JihadGene said...


Drop on over! No problem-ooo!!!

I'll give you the grand tour of Fashion Thug too!!!

Laff Wulf-

Bleep ain't exactly what I said but when angered (or really happy) I can cuss like Joe Biden in a sailor suit!!!


I never would have guessed your feeling on thieves and murders, reading your blog (SARC!!!). If I could just find my clacker for those claymores!!!

Tanker Sheep Babe-

Seeing Kanani again will be a hoot!

Teresa said...

Love your name for those jerks LOOOONG time. They need to be in jail where they can dance all the other jerks. *sigh*

Hope your weekend goes better!

Vixen said...

Cha, cha, cha. Hope they catch them so they can go to jail and get a free education. ha ha ha

Happy Friday.

Anonymous said...

Only you can take a break in of your store and turn it into high comedy to make us laugh in a week like this. ruv u rooonnnng time!

Omnibus Driver said...

I've missed you rooooooooong time! Smooches!

pamibe said...

Sorry to hear the three fools picked on you, Great Leader.

Love you loooooong time!!!

Anonymous said...

Remove the ball-bearings from the claymores. Should minimize damage. I'd suggest one centered on each wall, facing down. The concussion should blow their eardrums, making them east to spot in the ER.

Just a thought...

The_Kid said...

Gene, it's good no=one of yours is hurt.

And it can always be worse. Like the time some fat guy broke into my bank in Kentucky and brought his hitman with him.

tammi said...

Ahhh Dude, I hate to hear this! And since I'm at YOUR place, I'll tell you I found out someone *I* trusted and depended on has been stealing from me since I got here. To the tune of about $25,000. So I feel your pain!

Thanks for the dedication and the song. Here's to next week being a MUCH better week.

And happy huntin'. I hope you nail those f*ckers. Mine problem is being dealt with next week.