Monday, October 26, 2009


Project Valour-IT is something I have contributed to for sometime now. It's voice activated laptop computers so injured troops can blog & e-mail friends and family back home or buddies back in the war zone. Folks, body armor is good but it does not protect the hands. Go to The Kitchen Dispatch and learn more about Project VALOUR-IT founded by US Army Major Chuck Ziegenfuss. It's a very good thing to be a part of and I, the Great Reader, am more than pleased to help out. So in doing for others (what their hands cannot do) you are helping to fix hearts of the wounded and from there... to their loved ones, and so on. Good begets good! I cannot say that enough. This will bless so many people...and it will touch you as well. Give what you can and it won't go to waste. I guarantee it looong time!!! To donate go HERE at Soldier's Angels. You can pick which team to be on as we are doing a competitive fundraiser with the following teams:

*Team Army is the best in whole world and Great Reader, KIM Jong IL's, fav-O-rite, looong time!!!

*The number 4 in Korea is considered a bad numba. Perfect for these Department of Defense pork dollar powered heathens!

*These guys are numba 4 times 2! Perfect for those who are fond of Spongebrob Squareplants!

*They are explanation needed. "Semper Fi" on that, Jarheads!

*The competition runs today through November 11th (Veteran's Day) and give to whichever team your heart belongs to. It can be a little bit... or a SCUD-LOAD! It's up to you...but please give something as it will be doing much good. Good begets good. It really does.


Laoch of Chicago said...

Right on.

pamibe said...

GO NAVY!!! :-)

Kanani said...

Wow, did you see the Marines! They're ahead and running! Semper Fi!

Anyway, Army Strong. Carry On.

Teresa said...

Good thing I changed the number 4 to a 5 in the donation I made earlier today... don't want to jinx them ;-)

Go Army!!!

JihadGene said...

Thanks to all of you looong time!!!