Monday, October 26, 2009

Message to SaveMart Pharmacy

It's no secret that I am no big fan of change. The older I get...oh well...the older I get, I guess. I get my meds where we buy groceries most often and close to home. Now when you phone in for your medication they have a new and improved automated's my e-mail to the SaveMart Grocery Store Company Headquarters of Lake Pissmeoff, California...
"The new system of calling in for a prescription is really a big pain. The old way was better. If the new system understood the words "you suck" I would not have to e-mail you. I don't dare call as the new system either can't understand my English or if my timing is off when I say the words yes, no, or go to hell. WTF? Whoever came up with the new and improved system of prescription handling should be made the next Presidential Phone Call Czar. Don't call my house as I would only do my very best to piss you off the way your new telephonic prescription refill system does me."


pamibe said...

"Presidential Phone Call Czar"


I hate those systems. :-/

The_Kid said...

Oh man, I hate the systems that want you to tell them what you want....

'I didn't understand that request.. Did you mean you want to zork a flathougie?" Please speak clearly or I will tell the obama..I'm sorry sir, I don't think that will fit..."

Vixen said...

Whenever some thing pisses me off next, I am writing you for my response. You will be my official ghost writer.

joated said...

So, tell us what you really think of their new system.


Anonymous said...

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