Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Navy May Allow Women on Subs

WTF? This, taken from the Washington Post 0n 26 Sept 09...

"The nation's top military officer has called for lifting the ban on women serving aboard submarines, in a significant step toward reducing the barriers to women in combat.Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said he seeks the change to broaden opportunities for women in the military. "One policy I would like to see changed is the one barring their service aboard submarines," Mullen wrote in answers to questions from Congress before his Senate reconfirmation hearing last week."

Then I found a comment left by Sharkman at Ace of Spades, about women serving on subs...

"I read somewhere that their periods attract bears. Bears can smell the menstruation. That's just great. Now we're gonna have bears in our submarines."

(Now, in my Paul Harvey voice) Good day!


pamibe said...

That is a great comment! LOL!

But... I'm really not in favor of women on subs, for a variety of reasons.

Elisson said...

If all the women are on the subs, who's gonna go and watch the submarine races?

buffalodick said...

This cries out for mindless comment..Let them on, any porthole in a storm!

JihadGene said...

Pam- Me too and I don't want to get too close to bears!

Elisson- You're on it!!!

Buffalodick- How about this one?

DOWN THE THROAT - The most difficult of torpedo shots. Instead of firing at the side of a ship (a large target), the sub's fish are shot at the very narrow bow of the enemy as it heads directly toward the submarine.

Then there's this-

CRACK THE HATCH - Open the top hatch slightly to let the air pressure vent out of the submarine.

Gotta go before Kim catches me and DEEP SIX's my ass!

Johnny Pazzesco said...

A gift for Great Reader:


JihadGene said...

Johnny P- You da man LOOONG time!!!

Richmond said...

Hahahahaha - bears on subs. That'd learn 'em! ;)