Saturday, September 19, 2009

Malfunctioning Keyboard & Monkey Gods

The "S" key on my keyboard doessssssssssn't work some timessssssssss. I have to pressssss it over and over again. Or ssssometimesss the SSS doessssn't appear at all. I hate that hit! It uckssssssssss!!! May a big giant Homer Sssimpsssson lookin' Monkey God attack the Logitech Company for thisssssssssssssss HIT!!!


innominatus said...

Your post looks like how Obama talks, with all those whistling esses.

The_Kid said...

Gene, I have purged my digital existence of all things Logitech.

The keyboards and mouses do like they are in pain when you shoot them with even a medium caliber, so that's fun.