Saturday, September 19, 2009

Me, Obama, and Monkey Gods

May the Baptist Church God and may my mom's Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of Goose Lips, North Dakota, Jumpin-Jack-Flash Jehovah's Witness Gods forgive me... but I have been talking to the Monkey Gods about worldly problems a lot...lately. In a dream (via USA_Admiral) I was sent this vision...

Tell me if I'm wrong but didn't he just disappear a good chunk of missile defense? Dude wants to save us all (and right freeking now) with his Obamacare but I guess national defense is some kinda booshit the American people can do without.


pamibe said...

Watch him disappear the United States economy next!

LL said...

The economy is not doing well, unemployment numbers continue to rise and the employment czar predicts they will continue to rise. Add to that compounding debt and Dear Leader's push to socialize everything without any offsetting national income. It's a recipe for disaster.

The_Kid said...

LL - Yep, it has to be by design.

Gene, here is the money quote -

He (Putin) calls dropping plans for missile shield installations 'very right and brave' and suggests it should be the first in a series of US concessions -- without any equivalent compromises from Moscow.

Emphasis mine.

How does this nonsense stay under the radar. Is no one talking about these quotes ?

Anyway, from here

And I notice they've already changed the story. Honestly, you shouldn't be able to re-write a story and use the same link. This is the problem with digital.
Put an update in it, add a retraction, write a completely new story but to totally re-write one you've already published know BS!

Joanie said...

oh Lord. Where is Chuck Norris when we need him?