Monday, August 17, 2009

A Teachable Moment with the Great Reader KIM Jong IL

Meanwhile we journey across the great Pacific to the shores of the "Land of the Morning Missile Launch" where we find North Korea's Great Reader, KIM Jong IL and 7 Star General Wang role playing in a game of Cops-n-Big Shots. Let's join in...

KIM- Oklay, General Wang! You be cop and I'm be an American Wok (rock) Star named Blob Dillions.

WANG- Bob Dylan, Sir?

KIM- That's what I'm said!

WANG- Very good, O' Great One. What's the set-up?

KIM- You are frat-foot just doing your job. Got it?

WANG- I am a officer doing my job, when what, Sir?

KIM- You are the FLUZZ doing your job when suddenly you receive call on police wokie-tawkie of a suspicious person walking in da neighbors hood. You have to find him and checkie-checkie!

WANG- I am the police officer doing my job when I am called on my police radio, notified of a suspicious person walking in the neighborhood, and I am to check him out. Is that correct, Great Reader?

KIM- Collect! Now go ahead, let's play roll.

WANG- Very well, Sir...
Sir, I have stopped you because of a report of a suspicious person in the neighborhood. May I see some ID, please?

KIM- I am a wok-star. My name is Blob Dillions. Doo's you wreckcognize me?

WANG- Sorry Sir... but I don't. I remember pictures of you many years ago but I really can't recognize you today. Sorry. Do you have any ID, Sir?

KIM- No. I'm have none on me but lets go find manager back at hotel and clear this up.

WANG- Very good, Sir.

KIM- The ending. That went smooth. Now let's try a nudder senior-R.E.O.

WANG- Another scenario, Sir? Very well.

KIM- You are an AFLAC-can American, Professor of Negrology at Harvard's UniversCity when some PIG on Cambridge P.D. that been keepin' the black man down, be haa-rassing yo' ass. Now then, that same PIG has the Audacity of Hope to ask you for your ID when you properly put "Da MAN" down with a "Don't you know who the Hell I am?" and "Yo Mamma is so fat that when she goes into a restaurant the waiter gives her an estimate instead of a menu!"or "On a scale from 1 to 10 your Mamma is a muh-fuggin 747!" This PIG then cuffs you up and takes yo ass to jail foe no apparent reason!

WANG- Very good, Sir...but who are you? The policeman?

KIM- Oh hell naw! I am Plesident Baalack Obama!

WANG- I see. Hmmm...It's getting late, Sir.

KIM-You're right as usual, General Wang. How about taking a bwake and having a teachable moment over some beer?

WANG- Twist my arm.


The_Kid said...

I do like that AFLAC commercial where the duck is trying on new shoes.

Or the one where the duck is singing Brahms' Lullabys.. AF A LAC... AF A LAC... Af A LAC, LAC LAC LAC LACK....

Teachable Moment. What an arrogant moron. Hey, maybe he was talking about himself? Naw..

Joanie said...

I'm laughing...and I shouldn't be.

Maeve said...

You sir are a freak'n crack up!

pamibe said...

*Professor of Negrology*

Should I be laughing at that? I don't think so... LOL! The entire thing's a blast! :-)