Sunday, August 16, 2009


BREAKING NEWS: PyongYANG, North Korea.
It's ohfishall! President Obama's golfing puppet (Tiger's Woods) has been defeated by South Korean golfer Y.E. YANG in the final round of the PGA Championship. In the true spirit of Korean golfing fanaticism, Norf Korean Dicktater, Great Reader KIM Jong IL, has ordered that all gulags with prisoners named YANG be issued 9 irons to break rocks with. Have a nice day.


The_Kid said...

I knew there was Something behind Tiger throwing the tournament.

Dang that Obama..

USA_Admiral said...


I eagerly await the Great Reader's next communication. Does he want to make Y. E. Yang an honorary thrall?

buffalodick said...

9 iron can be used as a weapon...

JihadGene said...

Kid- Tiger Woods is best 'o the best. Every dog has his day and Yang
(being Korean) ate him up!

USA_Admiral- Stand bly for more!

Buffalodick- Would you rather the 9 iron or a Big Bertha?

The_Kid said...

Gene. YE Yang Played his butt off.

That shot on 18 was a 'Tiger' shot. 206 yds, with a 3 hybrid, over a tree, land on the green and roll 5 feet of the pin. AND make the putt for a Forgetttaboudddit Win ! Yowsa.

I'm happy to see Tiger have some competition. I'm betting he brings his game up a notch. Ought to be fun.