Friday, August 7, 2009

Great Reader is Going to Vegas!!!

Man, I feel good! Like I knew that I would! No. No... I ain't no James Brown...clown. It be me, JihadGene. I be going to Las Vegas' Blog World Expo in October on the 15th thru 17th! Got's my Hilton hook-up for only $69 a night (12% room tax not included). That includes a Friday and Saturday night in Vegas. Wooo Hooo! Great Reader KIM Jong IL on the Strip!!! Yeah, Baby! I cleared it with the War Department (the wife) and all is a go! Gotta shine up the big oversized sunglasses and break out the Chairman Mao suit. Though it's two months away, Great Reader is FLYERED UP AND WEDDY TO GO!!! While I have secured the hotel room, I have not secured a Blog World Expo 2009 pass. Anybody know what type of pass I should get to see all the milbloggers? Hmmm...need some advice on this. Please give me some advice if you have been before. Tanks looong time!!! JG


pamibe said...

AWESOME!!! I'm so happy for you!!! :-)

Haven't been to Vegas since '72, so I'm no help there, but I know you'll have a great time!

Joanie said...

Have fun! I wish I could be there to meet you. (Who knows...I may end up there anyway)

Maeve said...

OMG! Can Vegas HANDLE you? I almost feel sorry for the other tourists!
The MGM Grand has a pretty good buffet breakfast and the Flamingo has a great seafood/dinner buffet.

Barmy Mama said...

Dude, if you figure out what to do about the passes, let me know. I still have no clue who I'm supposed to contact *L*

JihadGene said...

Pam- We were there for a cousins wedding in 2006. Stayed at the Luxor on a Friday and Saturday night in October. Cost a fortune. The room alone there was like $375 a night and not all that great. The good thing about Blog World is through them I got a nice room at the Hilton for THREE nights and still more that $100 less than 1 night at the Luxor.

Joanie- Good luck. I know things are kind of unsettled for you right now and we are praying for you and yours.

Maeve- Did you say a great seafood/dinner buffet? Then the Flamingo for dinner it is!!!

Barmy Mama- I'll keep you posted on the passes when I find out.

The_Kid said...

Have a great time Gene.

'The Steakhouse' at Circus is also a crowd favorite. You'll need reservations tho.

Miss Em said...


I know that Major Z or Code Monkey---From My Position...On The Way---can more than likely answer your questions on what you should have in the way of passes.
He/She have attended at least one of those Las Vegas' Blog World Expo[s]and shared with us who could not attend with words and pic's.
Give them an e-mail jingle and see what they recommend.

Hope that helps.

Miss Em
Austell, Ga.

Army Wife said...

darn I will miss this years EXPO, and the chance to meet you!

Jean said...

Check with LL at Chromed Curses.
I believe she went to Vegas year before last for the Milblog conference.