Thursday, June 11, 2009

Two Year Blog-O-Versary

A big looongtime "Happy Anniversary" for blogging 2 years goes out to Mr USA_Admiral of the brogg: In a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World! Go by and piss him off or wish him well! JG ;)


USA_Admiral said...

Many Thanks Dear Leader!

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

congrats great reader!

re the post below: the head injury was what really came over...!

yeah weird sense of humor, but funny!

listen, ever heard about that award kinda-thing?
lots of those have been dumped on me recently and I'm itching to get rid of them:

yours is at the end of the post - with an explaination why.

If you wanna check out Phos' bizarr kind of humor, you'll find him as the first one commenting - you guys might like each other.

Yeah noticed that you're not Obama's best friend... I wonder how, almost missed it...!
Well we're not quite agreeing here... the truth is while I'm not running a fan club either and probably never will for any politician, I think he's at least trying to be a good boy, trying to do something constructive... all that is anyway going on on the surface, really politics have always been decided elsewhere than in the known theatre... so I'd say let's give the poor guy a break!

Anyway, many other of your view points do hit home.

Read about Korea, warfare in the trenches... sounded pretty much like the great war...
Wouldn't have fancied the climate and the terrain either... and mongolians carrying opium pipes as part of their standard equipment - gret to be up against doped fuckers! They'll do anything!

But I guess you have had different experiences, at least that's what it sounds like. Still it can't have been all too pleasant, judging by your blog!

Anyway, hope to see you picking up your award soon and keep up the good sense of humor! because you're very right, keep on laughing is the only thing one can do - or you'd better be really good at handling quicksand!

JihadGene said...

USA_Admiral: You da man! Congrats looong time!

Dear Sarah Sofia G-
I announced USA_ Admirals 2nd anniversary...not mine...I'm only a year old, but thank you for stopping by.

Since you are in Denmark I can only hope Obama and friends move there where you can enjoy him first-hand.

Actually Korea was a hoot! I never experienced any war-fighting.I found Korea very interesting, very different, very exciting...very-very different. The food, the people, and the customs I found most interesting...and of course my lovely wife was the most interesting of all!

Thanks but no thanks on the awards...I do enjoy your blog and your Polar adventures! The wife and I enjoyed driving through Denmark back in 1985. It was Frederikshavn where we took our auto across to Sweden on the ferry. You Danes have some of the strongest coffee I have ever tasted and a wonderful breakfast! I loved it looong time!JG

Anonymous said...

Most venerated and adorable Great Reader, I luv you same same! Long live Great Reader.

JihadGene said...

Looong time riv Alexakim!!!

The_Kid said...

Sarah, Please don't read my comment as aggressive.

But it's my view as well as many others that the 'leader of the free world', let alone the leader of the USA, especially one in such times that this country is experiencing right now gets No points for "trying" to do anything.

This is the Executive Branch, the big leagues, hardball. No slack given. No Poor guys getting breaks.

- No slack was given to the last President or any before him.
- Obama promised to 'hit the ground running'.
- Obama promised to change 'Old Washington' and filled it with incompetents, Lobbyists, Criminals, and Tax Cheats.
As JG suggests, We'll be glad to exchange him for probably anyone in Denmark. Well, my interpretation.

And Consider that I think having a black man, perceived or otherwise is a great thing and long overdue. Breaking the cycle of old white guys was potentially a great thing.
I could add a lot this this, but I'll just leave it on the table as the President gets no breaks, and no points for trying.

If he was the CEO of a company you owned stock in, would you buy more stock in that company because you felt the CEO was working hard? Or Producing Results.

I know my answer.
No aggression, but no room in my answer or Obama's performance. The world and the American people don't have time for style points.

H2o said...

Wuuuuv your blog and Happy Blogversary!

JihadGene said...

It's USA_Admiral's 2nd blogoversay not mine...

H2o said...

I've had my head up my ass lately. Sorry...