Friday, June 12, 2009

It's Friday! Let's Dance!!!

Yes. It's Friday. I don't care how many times you or I have busted our heads open on life's closed doors this week...there's gonna be good times ahead. Open the door to your heart and let love come running in! Let it flow like a river! So here's Little Willie G with "Open the Door to Your Heart". I love my Kim looong time and she loves me...and hey... Great Reader ruv's you too! Open the door to your heart! Get outta those chairs and get those happy-feet of yours steppin'! It's Friday sooo...LET's DANCE!!!!
*If you have a great dance song please link it in comments (ruv you!)


pamibe said...

Happy Friday!!! Let's dance! :D

USA_Admiral said...

I hear and obey Great Reader!!!

Dancin with ya!

Kid said...

Sorry to hear about the closed doors and busted heads Gene !

Cappy said...

Not Friday any more, but still dancing.

Lily said...

Sorry I got that wrong on the anniversary, but since you said, you've done it for one year, so congrats to both of you!

Anyway, I don't know if i should laugh or cry by the thought of your wish comming true re obama moving here... but one thing is for sure, I won't wish for one of our politicians to move to your country! That would just be too cruel!!! Seriously, it is that bad, you wouldn't believe it! and I think nobody in DK does really give a fuck anyway, what happens in politics. if they're into it, then only to get some personal benefits.

it really doesn't matter who you vote for in DK, the result is always the same and you have all parties running the show together anyway. And if you think Obama sucks, well than try living in DK without strong coffee, then you get 3x times the "leftwing-ness" of Obama, spiced with some complete isanity, corruption and a little right-wing-ruthlessness.
I read on some blog that somebody actually thought that Hitler had been a communist... intersting what people can come up with!
But as far as DK is concerned I would never have thought it could be possible to get the worst of all extremes plus extreme stupidity into one single government!

Actually I'm not Danish. Neither is my husband. I've lived here for more than 25 years, my husband for more than 30... so that's why I can tell you just how stupid the Danes really are...! But the nature is nice and you can live in peace and that's worth a lot to us.

G-Man said...

puff pant puff pant....

Gene, it's Monday night. Can I stop dancing now?