Friday, June 19, 2009

It's Friday...I'll Dance

Kids are amazing. Gosh, how I miss my son. Ben is growing so fast! Wish I could slow down time. In South Korea, Kim is taking him to see the orphanage and hospital where he was born. He wanted that. Kim is taking him to see his foster mother too. Ben wanted this...he's growing up and it forces Kim (my wife) to face adoption issues/taboos in Korea. While her family is cool with it...Korea, as a whole, is not. It is a disgrace to have a child out of wedlock. I thank God every single day for Ben's birth mother not having had an abortion. Though I am not the birth father, Ben is my son. I'm his Dad. It's simple in our eyes, though life and many customs of the Korean people aren't. He will have to wait to contact his birth mother. Now is not the time for that due to custom. It would be a disgrace for her to acknowledge Ben at this time. This sucks, however our Ben is fortunate. We have a names! We have the names of birth mother and father. When Ben is a young man it will be time for him to pursue this. While Korean culture holds him back... it binds us. Unlike many Korean children adopted by Americans, Ben is lucky. Kim is Korean. I am American. He tastes both worlds and for that I'm very grateful. Ben will tell you straight-up he's an American with (my) Texas and his Mom's Korean roots. Gosh I miss him. He's an amazing 13 year old whose violin practicing and iPod music playing rear-end I surely miss. So it's an empty house Friday for me, here in California, but I have found a song, not so much for dancing to, as much as for listening to. Here's an amazing 11 year old South Korean kid named Jung, Sung Ha playing "Right Here Waiting for You" on the guitar. Enjoy your Friday! Dance is optional today. JG


Vixen said...

Ben is very blessed to have you and his mom as parents. I know you must miss them terribly!

Happy Friday Gene.

Anonymous said...

Best family story ever.


Omnibabe said...

I dunno about you, but I'm gonna live forever... and that's worth dancing over!

I'll be keeping the lovely Kim and the beloved Ben in my prayers until they get safely home!

Anonymous said...

Love you lots,
Elder Sister

Kid said...

Wow. Very good player. No mistakes and the timing was right on.

You got a heck of a family Gene.
That's all good of course.

H2o said...

Happy father's day! Ben is so blessed to have you as his daddy!

Teresa said...

Finally had a chance to listen to this... even though it's not Friday anymore. ;-)

Wonderful playing - a very talented young man.

As for your son, it's wonderful that he came to you and Mrs Kim - he is very blessed.